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Overview and description of Leadtools Annotations BatesStamp classes, enumerations, and interfaces.

Class Description
Class AnnBatesDateTime Defines a Bates stamp date time element.
Class AnnBatesElementCollection Represents a dynamic collection of IAnnBatesElement's and provides notifications when items are added or removed.
Class AnnBatesNumber Defines a Bates stamp number element
Class AnnBatesStamp Defines a Bates stamp that is composed from a list of Bates stamp elements with different types.
Class AnnBatesStampCollection Represents a dynamic collection of AnnBatesStamp's and provides notifications when items are added or removed.
Class AnnBatesStampComposer AnnBatesStampComposer is the main part for Bates stamping operation as it connects annotations containers with Bates stamp objects.
Class AnnBatesStampLogo Defines a logo that can be drawn for the Bates stamp components.
Class AnnBatesStampTranslator AnnBatesStampTranslator defines a translator that converts the Bates stamp elements to a string expression. Converts from a string expression to Bates stamp elements that can be saved and loaded using AnnBatesStampComposer.
Class AnnBatesText Defines a Bates stamp text element
Interface Description
Interface IAnnBatesElement Defines an interface with properties and methods for representing Bates stamp elements.
Enumeration Description
Enumeration AnnDateTimeKind Indicates a date time representation.

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