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Leadtools.Medical3D Enumerations


Overview and description of Leadtools Medical3D enumerations.

Enumeration Description
Enumeration Medical3DAxis Specifies the axis that will be used.
Enumeration Medical3DCubeFace Specifies the direction the 3D volume should face.
Enumeration Medical3DMissingFramesFillMethod Specifies the method used to fill the missing frames in the 3D object volume.
Enumeration Medical3DMPRPlaneType Specifies the type of orthogonal MPR plane.
Enumeration Medical3DProjectionMethod Specifies the camera projection method used when viewing the 3D object.
Enumeration Medical3DRemoveIntervalType Specifies which interval will be removed when using the thresholding feature.
Enumeration Medical3DSlabFlags Specifies which parameter will be used when applying the slab feature.
Enumeration Medical3DSpace Specifies the reference used when rotating the 3D object or plane.
Enumeration Medical3DVolumeRenderingType Indicates the type used to render the 3D object.
Enumeration Medical3DVolumeType Specifies the volume type used to render the 3D objects.
Enumeration Medical3DWindowLevelFillType Specifies the type of algorithm that is used when applying window-leveling on a 3D object.
Enumeration PanoramicProjectionType Specifies the volume type used to render panoramic projection within the specified thickness.
Enumeration Settings3D Specifies the properties supported to be used in the JSON string used to get and set the properties of the 3D volume.
Enumeration VRTColoringModeFlags Specifies VRT Coloring Mode.
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