Free Hand Wave


This dialog has the following fields:

Curve Mode Drop-down list box:

Use this to select the curve mode to use. There are two choices:

Curve: distorts the image using a curve wave.
Linear: distorts the image using a linear wave.

Flip Buttons:

Use these buttons to flip the curve if the Curve Mode is either Curve or Linear. The following options are available:

Both. Flip the curve vertically and horizontally.
Vertically. Flip the curve vertically.
Horizontally. Flip the curve horizontally.

Reset Button:

Use the Reset button to set the curve to its default values.

Load Button:

Use the Load button to load an "*.lhw" file that contains Hand Wave curve settings and the angle setting, using the Load dialog. The loaded file will set new curve and angle settings.


Loading curve and angle settings will overwrite all current curve and angle settings!

Save Button:

Use the Save button to save the curve and angle settings into an "*.lhw" file. This allows you set the same curve and angle settings for other images by re-loading the file.

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