typedef struct _OPENDLGOPTIONS_PLT 
   L_UINT uStructSize; 
   L_INT nViewportWidth; 
   L_INT nViewportHeight; 
   L_UINT uViewportMode; 
   L_TCHAR szFont [ LF_FACESIZE ]; 
   L_INT nBitsPerPixel; 
   L_BOOL bForceBackgroundColor; 
   L_COLORREF BackgroundColor; 

The OPENDLGOPTIONS_PLT structure provides load option information for PLT file formats. This information will be used by the LFileSettings::SetViewMode2D, LFileSettings::SetViewMode2D, and/or LFileSettings::SetPLTOptions functions.



Size of this structure, in bytes. Use the sizeof operator to calculate this value.


New viewport width.


New viewport height.


New viewport mode. Possible values are:

Value Meaning
L2D_USE_BEST Fit the drawing into the current viewport width and height. Final image size is less than or equal to viewport size.
L2D_USE_WIDTH Use the current viewport width. Calculate the new height, preserving the aspect ratio. Final image size has the same width as the current viewport width, with the height less than or equal to the current viewport height.
L2D_USE_HEIGHT Use the current viewport height. Calculate the new width, preserving the aspect ratio. Final image size has the same height as the current viewport height, with the width less than or equal to the current viewport width.
L2D_USE_WIDTH_HEIGHT Use both the width and the height (stretch image if necessary). Final image size has the same width and height as the current viewport size.


A string that specifies the typeface name of the font to use in vector font mapping. The length of this string must not exceed 32 characters.


A FILEPLTOPTIONS structure that contains the load options for a PLT file.


Number of bits per pixel.


TRUE if BackgroundColor field is used as vector background.


Vector background color.


The LDialogFile::DoModalOpen function displays the Open dialog and gets options for the LFile::LoadFile function. After the user presses the Open button on the dialog, one or more OPENDLGFILEDATA structures will be updated based on the file(s) selected in the Open dialog. The OPENDLGFILEDATA.FileOptions member is an OPENDLGOPTIONS structure. This structure is updated based on the file type(s) selected in the Open dialog. If the OPENDLGOPTIONS.nType member is FILE_PLT, the OPENDLGOPTIONS.pOptions member will point to an OPENDLGOPTIONS_PLT structure, which is, in turn, updated with the PLT load options.

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