Initializing, Creating and Freeing Automation Handles

LEADTOOLS accesses automation through the AUTOMATIONHANDLE structure in an LAutomation class object. This structure provides a working area for the LEADTOOLS automation functions. This automation handle must be initialized before calling any of the automation functions. This is done using the LAutomation::Initialize function.

After initializing an Automation handle, the user must create the automation handle, based on the type of automation handle needed. To create a vector automation handle, call LAutomation::Create with the nMode parameter set to AUTOMATION_MODE_VECTOR.

When the automation handle is no longer needed, it should be freed using the LAutomation::Free function.

An automation handle is valid only after LAutomation::Initialize and LAutomation::Create have been called. The validity of an automation handle should be checked before calling any other automation functions. This is done using LAutomation::IsValid.

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