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BufferedMemoryCompression Property


Gets and set the compression to be used when having the transfer mode set to be memory.


public Leadtools.Twain.TwainCompressionMode BufferedMemoryCompression {get; set;}
Public Property BufferedMemoryCompression As Leadtools.Twain.TwainCompressionMode

Property Value

The compression to be used when having the transfer mode set to be memory. Possible values are (according to the TWAIN 2.0 specification): TwainCapabilityValue.CompressionNone No compression is to be used. TwainCapabilityValue.CompressionPackBits Pack Bits compression. TwainCapabilityValue.CompressionGroup31D CCITT Group 3 compression with no End of Line. TwainCapabilityValue.CompressionGroup31DEol CCITT Group 3 compression with End of Line. TwainCapabilityValue.CompressionGroup32D CCITT Group 3 compression (use cap for K Factor). TwainCapabilityValue.CompressionGroup4 CCITT Group 4 compression. TwainCapabilityValue.CompressionJpeg JPEG compression. TwainCapabilityValue.CompressionLzw LZW compression (like gifs). TwainCapabilityValue.CompressionJbig JBIG compression, used mostly for bitonal images. TwainCapabilityValue.CompressionPng PNG compressed. TwainCapabilityValue.CompressionRle4 RLE4 compression. TwainCapabilityValue.CompressionRle8 RLE8 compression. TwainCapabilityValue.CompressionBitFields Bit Fields compression.


Refer to DataTransfer example.


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