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DocumentImageOverTextMode Enumeration


Specifies the how the document writer converts the overlay image (image over text).


WinRT C#
public enum DocumentImageOverTextMode 
Public Enum DocumentImageOverTextMode 
public enum DocumentImageOverTextMode 
typedef NS_ENUM(NSInteger, LTDocumentImageOverTextMode)
public enum DocumentImageOverTextMode
Leadtools.Forms.DocumentWriters.DocumentImageOverTextMode = function() { }; 
Leadtools.Forms.DocumentWriters.DocumentImageOverTextMode.prototype = { 
  None = 0, 
    Strict = 1, 
    Relaxed = 2, 
public enum class DocumentImageOverTextMode 


0None Apply no rules. The image will be used as is and no detection is perform.
1Strict The document writer will determine if the image is grayscale, if so, it will convert the image to black and white (1 bit per pixel) only if the image contains no grayscale values besides pure black and white.
2Relaxed The document writer will determine if the image is grayscale. If the image has noise or shadows, they will be ignored and the image is converted to black and white (1 bit per pixel).

Use this option to control how the document writer converts the optional overlay image. Refer to PdfDocumentOptions.ImageOverTextSize and PdfDocumentOptions.ImageOverText for more information.

Currently this option is only used to determine when to convert grayscale overlay images to black and white in the final document. This is done to minimize the size of the output document.


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