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LoadDocumentAsyncOptions Class


Options to use when loading a document asynchronously.


public class LoadDocumentAsyncOptions : LoadDocumentOptions
Public Class LoadDocumentAsyncOptions 
   Inherits LoadDocumentOptions 
public ref class LoadDocumentAsyncOptions : LoadDocumentOptions


Used with DocumentFactory.LoadFromUriAsync to specify extra options to use when loading documents asynchronously.

LoadDocumentAsyncOptions derives from LoadDocumentOptions and should be setup in the same way. Loading a document asynchronously will return control to the user right away and the document is loaded in a separate thread. Therefore, LoadDocumentAsyncOptions adds the following members to easily track the status of the load operation:

  • Progress: Event that indicate the current load progress.

  • Completed: Event that indicate when the load operation is completed.

  • UserState: User-define data that can be associated with the load operation.

Refer to Loading Documents using Leadtools.Documents for detailed information.


For an example, refer to DocumentFactory.LoadFromUriAsync.


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