typedef struct _LOADSVGOPTIONS 
   L_UINT uStructSize; // use sizeof(LOADSVGOPTIONS) 
   L_SvgNodeHandle SvgHandle; // Load into this SVG 

The LOADSVGOPTIONS structure, which is used by the L_LoadSvg function, allows you to specify options for loading files as SVG and also receives the loaded SVG data.

Member Data Type Description
uStructSize L_UINT Size of this structure in bytes, for versioning. Use the sizeof() macro to calculate this value.
uFlags L_UINT32 Possible values:
Value Meaning
L_LOADSVGOPTIONS_NONE [0x00] the created svg file may have text only (No polydraw text, the file still may have images or shapes).
L_LOADSVGOPTIONS_ALLOWPOLYLINETEXT [0x01] the created svg file may have text represented as polyline or text.
L_LOADSVGOPTIONS_DROPSHAPES [0x02] the created svg will drop all the shapes.
L_LOADSVGOPTIONS_DROPIMAGES [0x04] the created svg will drop all the images.
L_LOADSVGOPTIONS_DROPTEXT [0x08] the created svg will drop all the text.
L_LOADSVGOPTIONS_IGNOREXMLPARSINGERRORS [0x20] Load SVG documents that contain incorrect XML data.
SvgHandle L_SvgNodeHandle SVG document representation of the page.


Creating an SVG document with text only is desired in certain scenarios. For example, if the application loads SVG document to parse the text values and store them in an external database for text search purposes, then setting the value of uFlags to L_LOADSVGOPTIONS_DROPIMAGES | L_LOADSVGOPTIONS_DROPSHAPES will speed up the loading operation and elements not required will be discarded. This is especially useful if the original SVG document contains image elements which may use a lot of memory and disk space.

For more information, refer to Working With SVG.

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