Error Codes

The LEADTOOLS SANE API toolkit has defined the following error codes:




ERROR_SANE_CANCELLED SUCCESS_ABORT Operation has been cancelled.
ERROR_SANE_UNSUPPORTED -1800 Operation is not supported.
ERROR_SANE_DEVICE_BUSY -1801 Device is busy.
ERROR_SANE_INVAL -1802 Data or argument is invalid.
ERROR_SANE_JAMMED -1803 Document feeder jammed.
ERROR_SANE_NO_DOCS -1804 Document feeder is out of documents.
ERROR_SANE_COVER_OPEN -1805 Scanner cover is open.
ERROR_SANE_IO_ERROR -1806 Error during device I/O occurred.
ERROR_SANE_ACCESS_DENIED -1807 Access to resource has been denied.
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