struct L_OcrOMROptions 
   L_UINT StructSize; 
   L_OcrOMRFrameDetectionMethod FrameDetectionMethod; 
   L_OcrOMRSensitivity Sensitivity; 
   L_WCHAR StateRecognitionCharacters[2]; // 0 = unfilled, 1 = filled 
typedef struct L_OcrOMROptions L_OcrOMROptions; 

The OMR settings currently used in the engine.

Member Description
StructSize Structure size. It should be equal to sizeof(L_OcrOMROptions).
FrameDetectionMethod Gets or sets the OMR frame detection mode.
Sensitivity Gets or sets the OMR sensitivity mode.
StateRecognitionCharacters The characters used to represent an OMR state in the output document.


OMR stands for Optical Mark Recognition. For more information, refer to Using OMR in LEADTOOLS C API OCR.

You can call the L_OcrZoneManager_GetOMROptions method to get the current OMR options currently used by the engine.

With the L_OcrOmrOptions structure, you can change the following OMR settings:

The OMR zones of a page are zones with L_OcrZone.ZoneType set to L_OcrZoneType_OMR.

LEADTOOLS Advantage OCR engine supports auto-detection of OMR zones during auto-zoning of the OCR page, you just have to make sure that "Detect Checkbox" is one of the Recognition.Zoning.Options setting flags before calling L_OcrPage_AutoZone or L_OcrPage_Recognize.

To use OMR in LEADTOOLS, you need a special key to unlock the OMR capabilities. For more information, refer to Setting a Runtime License.

This structure is used with the following functions:



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