ILMMFMkvSink Interface

This is the interface for the LEAD MKV Media Sink

Interface Methods:

HRESULT CreateMKVSink(IMFByteStream* pOutputByteStream, IMFMediaSink **ppSink);



A pointer to the IMFByteStream interface of a byte stream. The media sink writes the MKV file to this byte stream. The byte stream must be writable and support seeking.


Receives a pointer to the MKV media sink's IMFMediaSink interface. The caller must release the interface.


Creates a media sink for authoring MKV files.


S_OK if successful, < 0 if an error occurred.

Common Error Codes

E_INVALIDARG             [0x80070057] pOutputByteStream is not a valid IMFByteStream pointer.


IMFMediaSink interface is the base interface for all Media Foundation media sinks. Media sinks are the pipeline objects that receive media data. A media sink is the destination for one or more media streams (Multiplexer).


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