Manual Segmentation

The MRC toolkit provides an efficient way to segment the image. The segmentation process breaks the image according to its colors into different 9 types:

1. Background (The most prevalent color in the document)

2. One color Segment

3. 1 bit black and white (Text) Segment

4. 1 bit color Segment

5. 2 bit color Segment

6. 2 bit grayscale Segment

7. 2 bit black and white (Text) Segment.

8. 8-bit grayscale Segment

9. Image Segment

To use manual segmentation, call the L_MrcCreateNewSegment function to add a new segment and customize the segment coordinates and type. To modify a segment type or its coordinates, use the L_MrcSetSegmentData function. This function will update only one segments data each time it is called. To delete a segment, call the L_MrcDeleteSegment function.

Save the segmentation handle and data to a file by calling the L_MrcSaveSegmentation function. To load the saved segmentation handle and data from a file, call the L_MrcLoadSegmentation function.

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