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Leadtools.Windows.Media.Effects Introduction


Use Pixel Shaders to add visual interest to rendered Microsoft Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) / Silverlight content. For example, increase or decrease the sharpness of a button with the SharpenEffect or invert controls with the InvertEffect.

Key Features:

Image Processing:

  • Sharpen.
  • Apply an embossed effect, specifying the lighting direction.
  • Invert colors.
  • Change contrast, intensity or brightness.
  • Change saturation.
  • Detect the edges of the image.


  • Apply rectangular or elliptical shutter to only view part of the image.

Magnify Glass:

  • Creates an effect that can be used to zoom in on a portion of an image with options to specify size, shape and color of the magnify glass and crosshairs.

Window Leveling:

  • Fills and applies window leveling on the specified image. Window leveling is used in medical application to view grayscale images using a window center and width.

Note that in order for a WPF application to run, Microsoft .Net Framework 3.0 must be installed on the client. Internet Explorer 7 can auto-detect whether Framework is installed under certain conditions. For more information, refer to Deploying a WPF Application (WPF).

Supported Environments

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