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TwainSession Class Methods


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Public Methods

Name Description
Acquire Acquires one or more images from a TWAIN source.
AcquireFast (Document/Medical only) Acquires one or more images from a TWAIN source and stores the images in the specified file(s).
AcquireFast2 (Document/Medical only) Acquires one or more images from a TWAIN source and stores the images in the specified file(s).
AcquireToImage Acquires one image from a TWAIN source.
FindConfiguration (Document/Medical only) Gets all available configurations for the current session.
FindFastConfiguration (Document/Medical only) Determines the best scanner configuration.
GetCapability Gets the TwainCapability value at the specified index from the array of capabilities supported by the selected TWAIN source.
GetDeviceEventCapability Gets device events capability values for current TWAIN session.
GetDeviceEventData Gets information for specific device event
GetJpegCompression Gets the current or default JPEG compression settings for the TWAIN session.
GetVersion Gets the TWAIN version currently used by this twain session.
IsAvailable Determines whether a TWAIN source is installed.
IsTransferModeAvailable Checks to see if the specific transfer mode is supported by the current TWAIN source.
LoadTemplateFile Loads the TWAIN capability values stored in the specified template file and sets the selected TWAIN source using these values.
ModifyRgbResponse Sets the RGB elements to be used when transferring data from the current TWAIN source.
QueryCapability Gets all of the supported values for the requested capability.
QueryFileSystem Queries the TWAIN file system.
QuerySourceInformation Gets information about the available TWAIN Data Sources.
QuerySupportedCapabilities Gets an array of TWAIN Capabilities supported in the current session.
ResetDeviceEventCapability Resets CAP_DEVICEEVENT capability to defaults values
SaveCustomDSData Saves the custom data source data to a file.
SaveTemplateFile Saves a list of capabilities to the specified template file on disk.
SelectedSourceName Gets the name of the selected TWAIN source. This name is provided by the manufacturer.
SelectedSourceTwainVersion Gets the TWAIN version of the selected TWAIN source.
SelectSource Displays the TWAIN dialog box to be used to select a TWAIN source for acquiring images.
SetCapability Sets the value of the specified capability.
SetDeviceEventCapability Sets CAP_DEVICEEVENT capability values
SetJpegCompression Sets the JPEG compression options for the current TWAIN session. This method lets the user set JPEG compression options for the current TWAIN session or reset the default JPEG compression options for the current TWAIN session, depending on the flag passed to the flag parameter.
SetVersion Sets the desired TWAIN version with which to work.
ShowProgressIndicator Enables or disables the display of a progress indicator during the acquisition of images from the current TWAIN source.
ShowTemplateDialog Displays the TWAIN source manufacturer's template dialog, without actually acquiring an image.
Shutdown Ends a TWAIN session.
Startup Initializes the TWAIN session.
Startup2 Initializes the TWAIN session.
StopFeeder Stop acquiring images only from the feeder of the TWAIN source.
UpdateCustomDSData Update the custom data source
UpdateExtraImageInformation Gets the extended image information.
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