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LMNetSrc Introduction


LEAD Network Source Filter

The LEAD Network Source Filter receives stream data, sent by the LEAD Network Sink Filter, on a TCP/IP network. Use it as a file reader filter in a DirectShow filter graph.

This filter is automatically used by the LEAD Multimedia toolkit when you set the file name using the following format:

ltsf://IP:PORT, (for example, ltsf://

The filter connects to the address provided as a file name to a player object.

It also supports the IFileSourceFilter interface. You can use the IFileSourceFilter interface to set the address on the network source filter without using the LEADTOOLS toolkit. For more detailed information, refer to the IFileSourceFilter Interface.

The LEAD Network Source Filter works in conjunction with the LEAD Network Multiplexer, the LEAD Network Sink Filter, and the LEAD Network Demultiplexer to form a complete, client-server-based communication circle.

Supported Environments

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