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MediaWriterDrive Class Members


The following tables list the members exposed by MediaWriterDrive.

Public Methods

Name Description
BurnDisc Performs actual burning of an .ISO image or selected folder path to the disc in the current drive.
Cancel Cancels the current operation.
CreateDisc Creates a MediaWriterDisc object.
CreateISO Creates an .ISO image file on the selected folder path.
EjectDisc Opens the current CD or DVD drive tray.
EraseDisc Erases the data from the currently loaded rewritable disc, if possible.
LoadDisc Closes the CD or DVD tray.
TestBurnDisc Performs a write test verifying the input folder or .ISO file specified.

Protected Methods

Name Description
Dispose Releases all the resources used by this object.

Public Properties

Name Description
AutoEject Gets or sets the auto eject state.
CurrentDiscType The current MediaWriterDiscType of the disc currently inserted into the drive.
CurrentSpeedIndex The current speed index for this writable drive.
DeviceID The Windows Device ID string for this drive.
DiscCapacity Gets the capacity, in bytes, of the inserted media in the drive.
DiscProps The current MediaWriterDisc disc properties for this writable drive.
DiscTypes The list of supported disc types for the drive.
DriveNumber The drive index of this drive.
Ejectable Gets the ejectable state for this drive.
Eraseable Gets the erasable state for this drive.
Loadable Gets the loadable state for this drive.
Loaded Gets the loaded state for the current drive.
Name The name of this drive.
ReserveCDTrackOnWriting Gets or sets a value that indicates whether reserving the CD track is enabled before writing on the media.
Speeds The list of MediaWriterSpeeds for this drive.
State Gets the MediaWriterState for the current drive.
TestWriteable Gets the test writeable state for the current drive.
Writeable Gets the writable state for the current drive.

Public Events

Name Description
OnDeviceEvent The event delegate for writable drive eject and load events.
OnProgress The event delegate for writable drive progress events.
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