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Leadtools.Web.Services Introduction


The LEADTOOLS Web Viewer Framework Module enables programmers to quickly build high-quality, full-featured, web-based medical image viewer applications.

It includes WCF components and services that enable you to implement high-level interfaces for distributing medical studies from a server to web clients, even with very limited knowledge of web hosting and web service development. This is ideal for web-based solutions like querying patient studies and viewing images from remote computers using Microsoft Internet Explorer.

The plug-in capable design also allows developers to use the framework for non-DICOM images or binary data transfer, and to extend an implemented web service to include application-specific data transfer and communication capabilities.

Leadtools.Web.Services provides classes and methods to asynchronously stream information over the web and update the user interface, without the user needing to manage the threads. This allows you to:

  • Perform Multi-threaded background image streaming to enhance performance.

  • Support Thin Client and Rich Client implementations.

  • Dynamically remove or add plug-in services as needed.

Supported Environments

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