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Leadtools.MedicalWebViewer.DICOMObjectRetrieve Introduction


The LEADTOOLS Web Viewer Framework Module enables programmers to quickly build high-quality, full-featured, web-based medical image viewer applications.

It includes WCF components and services that enable you to implement high-level interfaces for distributing medical studies from a server to web clients, even with very limited knowledge of web hosting and web service development. This is ideal for web-based solutions like querying patient studies and viewing images from remote computers using Microsoft Internet Explorer.

The plug-in capable design also allows developers to use the framework for non-DICOM images or binary data transfer, and to extend an implemented web service to include application-specific data transfer and communication capabilities.  

Leadtools.MedicalWebViewer.DICOMObjectRetrieve provides an implementation for the DICOM Object Retrieve plug-in, enabling you to:

  • Manage, store, query and Retrieve DICOM data sets, image sets or thumbnails.

  • Upload single DICOM file or a set from DICOM media using DICOM DIR.

  • Query for patient, study and series.

  • Get DICOM tags only.

  • Get full DICOM files with all image information.

  • Get full resolution image or a thumbnail representation.

  • Dynamically remove or add plug-in services as needed.

Supported Environments

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