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Leadtools.Forms.DocumentReaders Introduction

[Deprecated, use Leadtools.Documents instead]


[Deprecated, use Leadtools.Documents instead]

The LEADTOOLS Document Readers class library provides a uniform set of programming tools for reading images, thumbnails, text data and metadata from supported document types. 

By using the LEADTOOLS Document Readers, you can create fully functional document viewing application with unlimited smooth page zooming, thumbnails, metadata and text search without the need to know any specifics about the format you are using.

Supported Document Types

  • Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) - Parse PDF document text without the need of an OCR engine.
  • Microsoft Open XML Paper Specification - Parse XPS document text without the need of an OCR engine.
  • Raster Documents - Parse TIFF,  JPEG,  DOC, DOCX, XLS, XLSX and any other format supported by LEADTOOLS.

Supported Environments

The toolkit comes in editions that can support development of software applications for any of the following environments:

  • Win 32 and 64
  • WinRT and WinRT Phone
  • iOS and macOS
  • Android
  • Linux
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Introduction [Deprecated, use Leadtools.Documents instead]

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