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Leadtools.Services.Raster.ServiceContracts Introduction

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The LEADTOOLS WCF offering includes services for file loading and saving, image processing, document image processing and clean-up, OCR and barcode detection, reading and writing. These new services will be invaluable to developers creating enterprise level client/server applications.

Built on top of the .NET Framework, the Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) was designed to unify Web Service technologies into a single service-oriented architecture (SOA). Web Services are APIs that are hosted on a remote computer (although, with WCF it can actually be hosted locally as well!). Services are hosted remotely and are accessed by adding a Web Reference (or Service Reference) to the URL of the service, (instead of adding a reference to a local .NET DLL to your project). Web Services are usually stateless, meaning that the service is called, does something and then returns, and does not store or remember anything about the call. All the data necessary for the process is passed in the call.

Using WCF, programmers develop services based on the contract requirements. Applications save and load data as transacted web services. Protocol requirements, etc. are determined when the application is deployed.

Key Features:

The Leadtools.Services.Raster.ServiceContracts namespace contains classes and interfaces to implement service contracts, both requests and responses, to obtain information or convert an image.

System Requirements

You can download the required software from Microsoft's download website.
In order to execute the WCF demos, you must have the .NET Framework 2.0 or later installed.

In addition, to run the WCF demos you need:

In addition, to re-compile WCF demos you need:


* Included with LEADTOOLS Imaging SDK. All others are available in LEADTOOLS Imaging Pro, Document, and Medical Imaging SDKs.

Supported Environments
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Applications developed with LEADTOOLS WCF components require runtime licenses. Server licensing is required for applications on a server. For more information, refer to: LEADTOOLS Toolkit Features