LEADTOOLS Virtual Printer (Leadtools.Printer assembly)

Leadtools.Printer Getting Started

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The LEADTOOLS installation program installs a sample LEADTOOLS Virtual Printer for you.  When you print to this printer from any Windows application, the example program will execute and you can then save the print job as a document file or raster image file.

For pointers to sample programs that demonstrate the LEADTOOLS Virtual Printer Driver features, see the table below:

Assembly -
Comments Example
Leadtools.Printer.dll - Leadtools.Printer

Main Virtual Printer demo showing all of the LEADTOOLS .NET Virtual Printer class library features.
This example also demonstrates using the LEADTOOLS Document Writers, to export the captured print job as any of the supported document formats.

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Leadtools.Printer requires a Printer module license and unlock key. It is included as part of LEADTOOLS Document Imaging Enterprise. For more information, refer to: Imaging Pro/Document/Medical Features