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Leadtools.Forms.DocumentWriters Introduction

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LEADTOOLS Document Writers class library provides programming tools for creating popular multi-page and searchable documents such as Adobe PDF, Microsoft Word and HTML from standard Windows Enhanced Meta File (EMF) objects.

Supported Document Formats

Windows Enhanced Meta File

The Windows Enhanced Meta File (EMF) object is a standard Windows Enhanced Meta File object. An EMF is a collection of structures that store a picture in a device-independent format. Device independence is the one feature that sets metafiles apart from raster images. Unlike a raster image, a metafile guarantees device independence. The EMF can contain various objects such as Text, Lines and raster images. EMF also contains resolution or Dots/Inch (DPI) information that is used to calculate the real size of the picture stored inside.

The Windows Enhanced Meta File (EMF) objects can be obtained from various sources, for example:

Key Features

Supported Environments
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Leadtools.Forms.DocumentWriters requires a Document or Medical toolkit license and unlock key. For more information, refer to: Imaging Pro/Document/Medical Features