Tutorial: How To Load, Save, and Split Annotations

Being an important part of many document and imaging workflows, LEADTOOLS Annotations SDK provides an interface to mark up images with various shapes, notes, highlights, rulers, and redactions with options to either permanently alter the image or store information to undo and alter the annotations.

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Tutorial: Print to Any Type of File Using the Virtual Printer Driver

With a global focus on optimizing paperless office systems, virtual printing solutions have never been in higher demand. A Virtual Printer is a simulated device that simulates a physical printer but instead of printing on paper, it gives access to the file in memory and processes the pages so that users can save it to file or transmit it via other means such as email or to a database. Using the LEADTOOLS Virtual Printer SDK, developers can create virtual printer solutions to host locally or on a networked server to allow multiple users to access it. With LEADTOOLS support for over 150 file formats, users can save these virtual print jobs to just about any format.

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New Handwriting Recognition & Mixed Zone Recognition Libraries in LEADTOOLS Version 21

There is a great and growing need for people and organizations to be able to quickly recognize and extract data from documents, images, and forms that are filled with varying areas of machine printed text, handwriting, graphics, and more (think: almost every type of form you’ve had to fill out and sign). Handwritten text specifically has been historically difficult to recognize due to variations in each and every sample set of handwriting. With LEAD’s continued commitment to advancing OCR technology, our developers set out to create a solution. Version 21 brings a new and improved ICR engine as well as brand new Mixed Mode AutoZone capabilities.

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Improve UX and Workflows with the Document Analyzer SDK

The LEADTOOLS Document Analyzer is an innovative new library that intelligently finds and acts upon information in unstructured documents and images. The Document Analyzer handles what was once mundane and tedious manual work as it automatically sifts through data to find information of interest. Once a piece of information is found, an action such as highlight, redact, or extract can be applied. You will see below that the use cases of the Document Analyzer are widespread and varied, but all save time, reduce error, and improve the customer’s experience.

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Never Worry About Reading a Handwritten Document Again!

ICR, or Intelligent Character Recognition, is an advanced Artificial Intelligence technology that is usually quite difficult to master. Not for long! With the upcoming release of LEADTOOLS Version 21, our brand new, machine vision-powered ICR engine will make recognizing handwritten papers, forms, and documents seem easy.

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