New in V23: LEADTOOLS Showing it’s EXCEL-lence

With the release of LEADTOOLS V23 comes the NEW LEADTOOLS Excel API and NEW Excel Web Editor! Built with our award-winning Document SDK Technology, both the LEADTOOLS Excel API and the LEADTOOLS Excel Web Editor put spreadsheet technology in the hands of developers to build robust, intelligent applications. Read on to see how you can implement either technology into your existing applications! Continue reading

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LEADTOOLS Version 23 is HERE – Overview of What’s New!

Year after year, LEADTOOLS continues to evolve and expand capabilities in order to help developers build better and more powerful apps. Today, we are thrilled to announce the release of LEADTOOLS Version 23! This release introduces a multitude of new features including a new Excel API and Excel Web Editor, a redesigned React Medical Web Viewer, and .NET MAUI support throughout the LEADTOOLS product line.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg! Nearly every facet of the toolkit has been enhanced. Let’s dive right in and talk about what’s new!

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Batch Convert Images with Only 3 Lines of Code Using LEADTOOLS!

Batch image conversion can be a valuable tool within applications to streamline workflows and prepare images for compatibility, compression, standardization, optimization, or even machine learning. LEADTOOLS stands as a reliable solution with over 165+ supported file formats to effortlessly convert files with minimal code!

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Extract QR Codes from PDF Files Using LEADTOOLS

QR codes have solidified themselves as an integral part of modern information exchange, offering a quick and efficient way to store and retrieve data. With LEADTOOLS, you can extract over 100 barcode types from any of our 165+ supported file formats! In this blog post, we will specifically show how to extract QR codes from a PDF file in C# using the LEADTOOLS Barcode SDK and then save the extracted codes as images.

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Catch LEADTOOLS at LegalWeek 2024!

Did you know that LEADTOOLS SDKs include everything needed to create robust and feature-rich applications for government and legal offices? From eDiscovery to Enterprise Content Management (ECM), to the plethora of document viewing, editing, converting, and annotating functionality. To spread the word, we’ll have some boots on the ground this year attending LegalWeek 2024 on January 30th where thousands of legal professionals are gathering to hear more about new strategies and technology solutions, just like LEADTOOLS!

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