LEADTOOLS Business Card Reader Mobile App

Never lose an important business card again!

Have you ever been to a networking event and collected a stack of business cards with the hopes of connecting with the various people you met down the road? But then…just when you need it, where oh where did that pesky business card go?!

With the LEADTOOLS Business Card Scanner App for iPhone, iPad, and Android you can pull all the information off of a business card and have it stored within seconds. Using this app allows users to capture, share, and save all the information you need with no worries of ever losing that business card. And one of the best parts about this app is that…


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Create Multipage Files Using the Xamarin Camera Control and LEADTOOLS Cloud Services

Within the past half year, LEADTOOLS has had some major releases with the SDK and the Cloud Services. Today, we are going to talk about both the Xamarin Camera Control as well as the Merge Web API. We will be using the Xamarin Camera Control to take multiple pictures and then send those image to LEAD’s cloud services. Once those have been uploaded, the Merge Web API will merge all those images into one single file. Continue reading

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History of LEAD’s Cloud Services: Developer Q&A

Following the release of our exciting new Web APIs for LEADTOOLS Cloud Services, I thought we’d take a moment and dive into how these services came about. For this post, I went straight to the lead developer of LEADTOOLS Cloud Services (referred to as LCS below), Hadi Chami, for a quick Q&A.

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No Document Service? No Problem!

Use it or don’t. That’s now up to you when it comes to using the LEADTOOLS Document Viewer with the Document Service. In the past, the Document Service was always required, but the LEADTOOLS update in March introduced the capability to use the HTML5/JavaScript Document Viewer without the Document Service. Choosing to use the viewer without the service will have some limitations as you won’t be able to send anything to a server to make .NET calls, but it still useful. This blog will walk you through everything needed to use the LEADTOOLS Document Viewer without the Document Service.

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Recapping Microsoft Build 2019

What better way to spend your week than at the Microsoft Build Conference in Seattle, Washington? As exhibitors again this year, members of the LEADTOOLS team had the pleasure to be surrounded by many enthusiastic people in the industry. We were very excited about attending the event and taking part in the sessions as well, evident by the fact that we sent the most team members ever to one show. Continue reading

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Want to Win an XboxOneX? Accompany LEADTOOLS at Microsoft Build 2019!

Think you have what it takes to win an XboxOneX, Microsoft Surface Go, or a $250 Amazon Gift Card?

LEAD will be exhibiting Microsoft Build for the third year in a row and we’d like to see you there. If you are a developer working on Microsoft platforms such as Azure, Windows, Visual Studio, and Xamarin, this is a show you don’t want to miss. Our entire product line will be on display with a special focus on APIs and Development Tools for Microsoft platforms. If you would like to arrange a meeting with our staff, please send an email to MSBuild-2019@leadtools.com.

“How do I win these awesome prizes?” – You

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LEAD Adds Exciting New Web APIs to LEADTOOLS Cloud Services

We’ve released an update to LEADTOOLS Cloud Services that adds four new Web APIs, as well as stability, speed, and accuracy improvements. The new APIs are Document and Image Merging, AAMVA ID Recognition, Redaction, and Business Card Recognition. The new Redaction and Merge APIs work with both document and image formats. These Web APIs can be used in any programming environment that can make a web request, such as PHP, Python, and Perl, C#, and JavaScript, and are sure to enhance many desktop, mobile, and web applications.

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