Compare Documents & Images with LEADTOOLS Document Compare Tool

The ability to compare changes made to documents or images of documents is vital when working within a team or with clients. Quickly integrate multi-format document comparison technology using LEADTOOLS Zero-footprint Document Compare solution. This interactive comparison navigator allows user to step-thru insertions, deletions, and edits. Additionally, you have access to detailed comparison information such as page number and bounding box for the difference. Simply upload your files and click compare, then let the Document Compare tool leverage LEAD’s AI-enhanced OCR engine to instantly make all the differences visible.

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Forms Processing API Tutorial: Recognize and Process a Form

Automate your data entry problems away with a state-of-the-art forms processing API. Whether you’re working with customer surveys, tax documents, or billing records every industry uses forms daily to conduct business. Moving data from a paper to a digital medium can be a time consuming hassle. That’s why LEADTOOLS has developed exclusive capabilities that extract text from images containing any combination of machine-printed text, handwritten text, MICR, MRZ, and OMR fields. LEADTOOLS will automatically detect and recognize everything! Below are the main steps to quickly and accurately process various form types regardless of how the data is formatted.

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Tutorial: Draw and Edit Annotations with LEADTOOLS .NET Image SDK

Whatever your image processing needs are, LEADTOOLS has a world-leading SDK to do all the heavy lifting. In previous posts we’ve discussed viewing images, saving images, combining images into a single file, and splitting a file into multiple images. LEADTOOLS also makes it possible to draw and edit annotations and markup objects on images.

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Video Capture SDK Tutorial: Capture Video and Store to File

The LEADTOOLS video capture SDK contains advanced features that simplify the process of capturing video from devices and cameras. Our SDK provides developers with all the tools necessary to work with different video sources including network cameras, web cams, capture cards, TV tuners, DV cameras, and more. Once the video is captured, developers can easily convert and store the video using a variety of codecs like H.265, H.264, MJPEG, and MPEG-2. LEAD libraries provide the highest compression, speed, and playback quality of any other multimedia SDK on the market.

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Tutorial: View DICOM Images from Anywhere with LEADTOOLS HTML5 Medical Viewer

DICOM is the leading standard to store and transmit medical information and images. LEADTOOLS offers a feature packed zero-footprint DICOM viewer to display DICOM images and studies from all disciplines and modalities. Our customizable web solution is perfect for any developer that needs a fast DICOM viewer with advanced features such as 3D volume rendering, DICOM Overlay, Softcopy Presentation State, and so much more.

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