LEAD Exhibiting at RSNA 2014 in Chicago

To close out LEAD’s 2014 event calendar, we will once again be exhibiting at the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) Annual Meeting in Chicago. This year’s meeting is bound to be a historic event celebrating RSNA’s 100th year. If you are a software developer, IT admin, system integrator or radiologist this is an event you don’t want to miss. LEAD will be showing off its full line of medical imaging technology with high-level SDKs and OEM-ready solutions for DICOM, PACS, HL7, 3D Volume Rendering, Zero-footprint HTML5 viewers, and more

New features coming soon in Version 19

In addition to showcasing our current offering of award-winning medical imaging toolkits, we will be providing demonstrations of our soon-to-be-released LEADTOOLS Version 19. This new version will include new features spanning across both document and medical imaging. Major new version 19 features include:

  • PACS with Cloud Archive – The new LEADTOOLS DICOM Storage Server is hybrid storage enabled. In addition to SAN/NAS storage support, it includes options to utilize third-party cloud storage services such as EMC ATMOS, Microsoft Azure and other cloud services.
  • HTML5 Medical Viewer – New highly customizable HTML5/JavaScript Medical Viewer with user, user-group and admin level preferences. A feature-rich, zero-footprint, platform-independent web application for displaying DICOM images on any device from any PACS.
  • New HL7 SDK – Create, parse, send and receive HL7 messages. Integrates within Modality Worklist and PACS applications.
  • New Image Processing Functions – Medical-specific image processing functions with support for 8-16 bit extended grayscale and signed image data.
  • Document Normalization – Convert PDF and Office documents as well as raster images to a single, standard interchangeable format. New document to document converter allows conversion of all typical document file types into searchable PDF. Enhanced PDF support includes J2K compression, annotation, PDF attachments, digital signature and more.
  • Document Viewer – Display digital documents (PDF, Doc, etc.) and raster images alike with annotations, searchable text, bookmarks, thumbnails, infinite lossless zoom and more. The HTML5 / JavaScript viewer can also be hosted within SharePoint and cloud services.
  • Web Scanning and Internet Printing Protocol (IPP) – Build remote, distributed capture solutions. Scan and upload documents from a Web Browser or print remotely from any application to a network virtual printer.
  • Bates Stamp – Automatically identify, protect, timestamp and number documents for discovery, litigation and record keeping.

RSNA Information

November 30 – December 5, 2014
McCormick Place
Chicago, IL
Booth # 7707 (North Building, Hall B)
Schedule a meeting

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LEAD Exhibiting at Visual Studio Live! and Android Developer Conference

Next month kicks off LEAD Technologies’ busy fall event schedule. In fact, we’re overachieving a little and doing two shows in the same week! Warm up with us in sunny Orlando, FL for Visual Studio Live! while also learning about the latest Document, Medical, & Multimedia imaging SDK technology we have to offer. Our booth is a must-see if you are developing applications requiring imaging technology such as OCR, Forms, Barcode, PDF, DICOM, PACS, Formats, Viewers, etc. In addition to showing off our current product offerings, we will have some special product announcements that you’ll just have to be at our booth to hear about.

Visual Studio Live!

November 17 – 21, 2014
Royal Pacific Resort at Universal
Orlando, FL
Booth # 110
Click here for a $600 early registration discount!
Schedule a meeting

On the west coast, LEAD will be setting up shop at the San Francisco Android Developer Conference. Come see the latest LEADTOOLS has to offer for Android developers. Our native C/C++ and Java libraries make it easy to add OCR, Barcode, DICOM, Image display and Image processing to your Android tablets and phone apps. In addition, we will be giving away a Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 (16GB Black) to one lucky attendee who registers at our booth!

Android Developer Conference – San Francisco

November 18 – 21, 2014
Burlingame Hyatt Regency Hotel
San Francisco, CA
Booth # 603
Schedule a meeting

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How to Use Blank Page Detection on Scanned Documents

Are all of these blank pages?

Blank page detection is an important step in most document imaging workflows. For example, it can be used to help end-users make sure they have their paper facing the correct way and inform them when they’ve done something wrong. For a more automated solution, blank pages can be removed to save on disk space and bandwidth.

However, the difficulty with blank page detection is that it can be a bit subjective. Humans can quickly perceive a blank page because we see that the page doesn’t have any text on it. But what does a computer do with a text-less page with lines, noise, borders and the like?

LEADTOOLS accounts for these discrepancies and provides an extremely accurate and configurable blank page detection algorithm. Its flags include options for detecting lines, noise, setting specific margins and more.

//create a new command
BlankPageDetectorCommand blankPageCom = new BlankPageDetectorCommand();
//default flags are DetectEmptyPage | DontIgnoreBleedThrough | DontDetectLinedPage |
// DontUseActiveArea | UseDefaultMargins
blankPageCom.Flags = SetFlags();
blankPageCom.LeftMargin = (int)leftMarginUpDown.Value;
blankPageCom.RightMargin = (int)rightMarginUpDown.Value;
blankPageCom.TopMargin = (int)topMarginUpDown.Value;
blankPageCom.BottomMargin = (int)bottomMarginUpDown.Value;
MessageBox.Show(string.Format("Is Blank: {0}", blankPageCom.IsBlank));

For a complete example, check out the original forum post.

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LEAD Technologies and National Health IT Week 2014

Once again, LEAD Technologies is proud to be a part of the 9th annual National Health IT Week (September 15 – 19, 2014). Last year, over 375 organizations participated and 2014 is projected to have over 400 partners. LEAD Technologies joins with the other hundreds of companies around the country to celebrate progress and add to the conversation of how Health Information Technology is growing and improving people’s health.

At its core, healthcare is performed by the many great doctors, nurses, EMTs, radiologists, and more that are directly serving their patients. However, every great front-line worker has a great supporting cast, within which Health IT gets to play a major role. The successful application of medicine and care is greatly enhanced through Electronic Health Records (EHR), Picture Archival and Communication Systems (PACS), advanced imaging technologies, infrastructure and so on. These important pieces of the overall healthcare system provide improved patient safety, fewer medical errors, earlier detection, and stronger patient/provider relationships.

LEAD Technologies’ Contribution to the Healthcare Industry

LEAD Technologies, Inc. provides a variety of products and services that are advancing Health IT.

LEADTOOLS Medical Imaging SDKs

Our primary product, LEADTOOLS, is a family of imaging toolkits for Medical, Document, Raster and Multimedia imaging. Our Medical Imaging, PACS Imaging, and Medical Imaging Suite developer toolkits are revered as some of the most heavily awarded, programmer-friendly, fully-featured and best-selling toolkits in the world. With comprehensive DICOM and PACS technology along with high-end 2D and 3D viewer controls with support for .NET, CDLL, HTML5 / JavaScript, WinRT, iOS, OS X, Android and more, LEADTOOLS lives up to its reputation as the World Leader in Imaging SDKs.

Beyond our medical product line, the document and multimedia products we provide have their place in Health IT as well. OCR, Forms Recognition, Barcode, PDF, Video Streaming and more are all part of a global healthcare infrastructure that is more organized, digital and connected than ever before.

Medicor Imaging

Medicor Imaging is a division of LEAD Technologies created to provide the medical imaging community with products and professional services that will help facilitate a more rapid transition into the digital era. Powered by LEADTOOLS, Medicor Imaging’s DICOM and PACS solutions (i.e. MiPACS) are used world-wide in Multi-Clinic Dental Organizations, Schools, ENT Practices, Hospitals, Imaging Centers and the US Department of Veteran Affairs.

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EuroTrip 2014

Once again, LEAD will be sending our sales and support personnel throughout Europe to catch up with customers and channel partners. This year the trip will include a stop at a developer tradeshow in Germany as well as several free LEADTOOLS presentations/workshops for any and all developers interested in checking out our award-winning imaging SDKs. See the itinerary below to find the time and location most convenient to you and contact Eurotrip2014@leadtools.com to reserve your spot.


At each of these events, existing and potential customers are all invited to attend. Please contact Eurotrip2014@leadtools.com to reserve a spot or arrange a meeting.

  • 9/23 — BASTA show in Mainz, Germany, co-exhibiting with Unirent, our partner for Germany, Switzerland and Austria since 1993
  • 9/25 — Free product demonstration & workshop at the offices of PDS in Culemborg, Netherlands, our partner for the Netherlands/Benelux region since 1994
  • 9/25 — A visit to Reading, UK based ComponentSource, our global distributor since 1995
  • 9/30 — Free product demonstration & workshop in downtown London sponsored by DSCallards, partner for UK and Ireland since 1996
  • 10/2 — Free product demonstration & workshop at the Madrid offices of Danysoft, our partner for Spain, Portugal and South America since 1994

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Visual Studio Live! (part of Live! 360) Orlando 2014 Early Registration Discount

As summer winds down and our family vacations and travels come to an end, many corporate events are starting to pick up. LEAD Technologies has a busy fall and winter coming up, and one of the shows we are attending is offering a hefty discount to those who register early. LEAD will be exhibiting at Visual Studio Live!, which is one of several simultaneous shows within the greater Live! 360 event. We’re passing along the good news and hope to see you there!

Out-of-this-World Training: 5 Events for the Price of 1 Taking place Nov 17 – 21 in sunny Orlando, Live! 360 offers 180+ sessions for IT Pros, DBAs, Analysts, Developers and more on the most relevant topics affecting your business today. Mix and match sessions from Visual Studio Live!, TechMentor, SharePoint Live!, SQL Server Live!, and Modern Apps to create your own, custom agenda. Join us in Orlando Nov 17 – 21, and save $600 with the priority code LSE07!

The Code is Strong with This One: Searching for real-world, practical information and training on the Microsoft Platform? For 21 years and counting, Visual Studio Live! has been the conference that more developers, engineers, programmers and designers rely on to expand their .NET skills and the ability to build better applications. With 60+ sessions led by industry experts and Microsoft insiders, the Code is indeed strong with this one. Plus as a part of Live! 360, you’ll get access to 4 other co-located conferences at no additional cost. Join us in Orlando Nov 17 – 21, and save $600 with the priority code LSE07!

Click here for more information on Live 360! Orlando 2014

Click here to register early with your $600 discount

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Using LEADTOOLS HTML5 with Intel XDK to Create Cross-platform Mobile App

The LEADTOOLS HTML5 / JavaScript interface was built with more than just web-based, cross-platform application development in mind. Did you know you can also create native and hybrid apps that can be published to mobile application stores for iOS, Android and Windows Phone? That is actually the case for almost any HTML5 application, but there are libraries and tools that help make that process easier.

One such tool is Intel XDK. In the same way that LEADTOOLS expedites and simplifies all of your imaging requirements such as display, annotations, OCR, barcode, DICOM, PACS and more, Intel XDK helps with the deployment and device integration aspect. Need access to the camera, local files and more? Want to write only one application and deploy it to multiple app stores? This is all possible with Intel XDK, and LEADTOOLS plugs into this innovative development environment without a hitch.

One of our support agents took a crack at this and has written a tutorial and downloadable example of using LEADTOOLS HTML5 / JavaScript SDK with Intel XDK. For more information and to download the source code, check out the original forum post.

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Using TwainSession.SaveTemplate to Save a Subset of Settings

Saving the settings of your TWAIN device is a very important feature which is fully supported by LEADTOOLS. For the end-user, it allows them to load and save different scanning profiles and options they use on a regular basis such as “high resolution color photo”, “medium quality black and white document”, or “auto-cropped receipt”. One caveat to this feature is that it saves all of the settings, which comes with a few downsides:

  1. Large template files
  2. Longer execution time
  3. Most importantly…That template file will only work on one scanner

To alleviate these problems, LEADTOOLS now has a new overload for its TwainSession.SaveTemplateFile function which allows you to save a subset of settings rather than the entire collection. As long as you are saving core, mandatory settings that are supported by all TWAIN scanners, you can use these templates regardless of the hardware device being used!

int[] nCapabilitiesToSave = { (int)TwainCapabilityType.ImagePixelType,
(int)TwainCapabilityType.ImageYResolution };

For a complete example, check out the original forum post.

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Customer Success Story: Power Class 360

In its nearly 25 year history, the number of customers and people that have used LEADTOOLS is near impossible to count. Sometimes our product makes a profound impact on a customer and they want the world to know. Our latest customer success story comes from Power Class 360, a non-profit organization dedicated to education.

As a non-profit organization looking to help shape our country’s young ones for the better, we got behind their cause and donated a copy of our LEADTOOLS Document Imaging SDK. With LEADTOOLS, Power Class 360 was able to successfully modernize the classroom with a digital transparency and document management system complete with Annotations, HTML5 and more.

Click here to read the full story!

If you have a success story of your own that you’d like to share, we’d love to hear from you! Please send an email to marketing@leadtools.com to set up an interview.

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