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#1 Posted : Tuesday, September 8, 2009 11:06:34 PM(UTC)

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Hi, I'm using the below code and when the compiler reaches the line: "userDictionary.Create(defaultSectionName)" it pops out the error "section name not supported"

any ideas what this might be please?

      RasterSupport.Unlock(RasterSupportType.Document, "123")
      RasterSupport.Unlock(RasterSupportType.OcrAdvantage, "123")

      ' Create an instance of the engine
      Using ocrEngine As IOcrEngine = OcrEngineManager.CreateEngine(OcrEngineType.Advantage, False)
        ' Start the engine using default parameters
        ocrEngine.Startup(Nothing, Nothing, Nothing, Nothing)

        ' Get the user dictionary object used in the engine
        Dim userDictionary As IOcrUserDictionary = ocrEngine.SpellCheckManager.UserDictionary

        ' Create a new user dictionary
        Dim defaultSectionName As String = "Cities"

        ' Add a few items to this user dictionary
        Dim cities() As String = {"Lagos, Amman"}
        For Each city As String In cities
          Dim item As IOcrUserDictionaryItem = userDictionary.CreateItem(city, OcrUserDictionaryItemStyles.None)
          userDictionary.AddItem(defaultSectionName, item)

        ' Save this user dictionary to disk
        Dim userDictionaryFileName As String = "C:\Cities.ud"

        ' Now re-open this user dictionary to show how we can iterate the items
        userDictionary.Open(userDictionaryFileName, defaultSectionName)

        ' Enumerate the sections
        Dim sectionName As String = userDictionary.GetFirstSectionName()
        Do While (Not sectionName Is Nothing)
          Console.WriteLine("Section: {0}", sectionName)

          ' Find the items of this section
          ' Note, the items returned maight be a group of the items you added
          Dim item As IOcrUserDictionaryItem = userDictionary.GetFirstItem(sectionName)
          Do While (Not item Is Nothing)
            Console.WriteLine(" Item: {0}", item.Value)
            item = userDictionary.GetNextItem()

          sectionName = userDictionary.GetNextSectionName()


        ' Now set this user dictionary as the one to use in spell checking
        userDictionary.Use(userDictionaryFileName, defaultSectionName)

        ' Show the current user dictionary and section names
        Console.WriteLine("User dictionary in use:\nFileName: {0}\nDefaultSectionName: {1}", userDictionary.FileName, userDictionary.DefaultSectionName)

        ' Shutdown the engine
        ' Note: calling Dispose will also automatically shutdown the engine if it has been started
      End Using

    Catch ex As Exception
    End Try

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#2 Posted : Wednesday, September 9, 2009 3:33:00 AM(UTC)

Adnan Ismail  

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I noticed that you are using the LEADTOOLS OCR Advantage engine. Please note that User dictionary sections are not supported in in this engine and they are only supported in the OCR Plus and OCR Professional engines.
#3 Posted : Wednesday, September 9, 2009 3:36:25 AM(UTC)

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Is there a way in the Advantage version that I could build my own custom dictionary? Or is totally out of the question then?

#4 Posted : Thursday, September 10, 2009 5:41:08 AM(UTC)

Adnan Ismail  

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The Advantage OCR engine has a user dictionary support in it. However, it does not have a Sections feature. This means that you can add your own words to the dictionary, and the engine will automatically use them during recognition.

The English dictionary file is called Advantage.en.Dictionary.bin

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