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#1 Posted : Sunday, July 22, 2007 4:53:03 PM(UTC)


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Hi All,
I am trying the sample code and not getting correct output.The output from the example code is all black .Can anyone throw some light what is wrong with the sample code or give me the correct example code.
Jpeg1 and Jpeg2 is just images with black background why ?
Please response asap since i am running out of time to finish this work.

Public Sub CodecsJpegOptionsExample()
Dim codecs As RasterCodecs = New RasterCodecs()

Dim srcFileName As String = "C:\Program Files\LEAD Technologies\LEADTOOLS 15\Images\Slave.jpg"

' Get all Information about the Jpeg file that you want to load.
Dim imageInfo As CodecsImageInfo = codecs.GetInformation(srcFileName, True)

'Setting Jpeg Load options.
codecs.Options.Jpeg.Load.DisableMmx = False
codecs.Options.Jpeg.Load.DisableP3 = False
codecs.Options.Jpeg.Load.ForceCieLab = True
codecs.Options.Jpeg.Load.ForceRgbFile = False
codecs.Options.Jpeg.Load.UseBadJpegPredictor = False

Dim srcImage As RasterImage = codecs.Load(srcFileName)

'if the image has stamp then set the Jpeg settings related to the stamp.
If imageInfo.Jpeg.HasStamp Then
codecs.Options.Jpeg.Save.FixedPaletteStamp = True
codecs.Options.Jpeg.Save.JpegStamp = True
codecs.Options.Jpeg.Save.SaveWithoutTimestamp = False
codecs.Options.Jpeg.Save.SaveWithStamp = True
codecs.Options.Jpeg.Save.StampBitsPerPixel = srcImage.BitsPerPixel
codecs.Options.Jpeg.Save.StampHeight = 100
codecs.Options.Jpeg.Save.StampWidth = 100
codecs.Options.Jpeg.Save.YccStamp = False
End If

If imageInfo.Jpeg.IsLossless Then
Console.WriteLine("This is a lossless Jpeg Image")
Console.WriteLine("This is not a lossless Jpeg Image")
End If

If imageInfo.Jpeg.IsProgressive Then
codecs.Options.Jpeg.Save.Passes = 0
End If

codecs.Options.Jpeg.Save.CmpQualityFactorPredefined = CodecsCmpQualityFactorPredefined.Custom
codecs.Options.Jpeg.Save.DisableMmx = True
codecs.Options.Jpeg.Save.DisableP3 = True
codecs.Options.Jpeg.Save.QualityFactor = 2
codecs.Options.Jpeg.Save.SaveOldJtif = True

codecs.Save(srcImage, "C:\Program Files\LEAD Technologies\LEADTOOLS EVAL 15\Images\jpeg1.jpg", RasterImageFormat.Jpeg, srcImage.BitsPerPixel)

codecs.Options.Jpeg.Save.FixedPaletteStamp = False
codecs.Options.Jpeg.Save.JpegStamp = True
codecs.Options.Jpeg.Save.SaveWithoutTimestamp = True
codecs.Options.Jpeg.Save.SaveWithStamp = True
codecs.Options.Jpeg.Save.StampBitsPerPixel = srcImage.BitsPerPixel
codecs.Options.Jpeg.Save.StampHeight = 75
codecs.Options.Jpeg.Save.StampWidth = 50
codecs.Options.Jpeg.Save.YccStamp = True
codecs.Options.Jpeg.Save.CmpQualityFactorPredefined = CodecsCmpQualityFactorPredefined.MaximumQuality
codecs.Options.Jpeg.Save.DisableMmx = False
codecs.Options.Jpeg.Save.DisableP3 = False
codecs.Options.Jpeg.Save.SaveOldJtif = False

codecs.Save(srcImage, "C:\Program Files\LEAD Technologies\LEADTOOLS EVAL 15\Images\jpeg2.jpg", RasterImageFormat.Jpeg, srcImage.BitsPerPixel)

' Clean up
End Sub
This will allow me to speed up the purchase of Leadtools .
Thanks & regards

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#2 Posted : Monday, July 23, 2007 12:23:47 PM(UTC)


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The problem is that you have set codecs.Options.Jpeg.Load.ForceCieLab = True.  If you read the documentation on this property, you will see that this causes the RasterCodecs object to expect that the image data is of the CIELAB colorspace.  In the case of the image you loaded, it is NOT that colorspace and therefore the data turns out black.
#3 Posted : Monday, July 23, 2007 7:48:39 PM(UTC)


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Thanks Greg.
I got this issue resolved.
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