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#1 Posted : Saturday, January 13, 2007 4:46:15 PM(UTC)
Raymond Lee

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I am using Leadtools 14.5 with VS 2003. When using AxLTBARLib.AxLEADBarCode control in C#.net,
I have five questions about the issue of using barcode module in C#.net

(1) We need to convert a image to ocxbitmp with the following command:

IntPtr ocxBitmap = RasterImageConverter.ToLeadBitmap(image, "LTKRN14N.DLL");

After finishing barcode reading, free memory of the ocxbitmp must be done. I saw some users posting
source code in leadtools forum and use the following two statements to do memory free operation:

RasterImageConverter.FreeLeadBitmap(ocxBitmap, "LTKRN14N.DLL");

Must two statements must be executed? or only RasterImageConverter.FreeLeadBitmap(ocxBitmap, "LTKRN14N.DLL") should be called?

(2) Must the kernal DLL name must be matched in both ToLeadBitmap() and FreeLeadBitmap()?

(3) For these statements

IntPtr ocxBitmap = RasterImageConverter.ToLeadBitmap(image, "LTKRN14N.DLL");
leadbarcode.Bitmap = ocxBitmap.ToInt32();
leadbarcode.EnableMethodErrors = false;
leadbarcode.EnableUseRegion = false;

RasterImageConverter.FreeLeadBitmap(ocxBitmap, "LTKRN14N.DLL");

leadbarcode.Linear.EnableErrorCheck = true;
leadbarcode.Linear.Granularity = 9;
leadbarcode.Linear.MinLength = 3;
leadbarcode.Linear.WhiteLines = 3;
leadbarcode.Linear.ReadDirection = read_direction;   

int rtncode = leadbarcode.Read(BARCODE_1D_CODE_3_OF_9, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0);

The above statements were executed without problem, why RasterImageConverter.FreeLeadBitmap()
can be called before leadbarcode.Read() is executed? Should the memory statements be called after
all barcode reading operations are done.

(4) There are two kernal DLL names for used in RasterImageConverter.ToLeadBitmap()


For AxLTBARLib.AxLEADBarCode activeX control, I think "LTKRN14N.DLL" should be used, how about

(5) Is LTBARLib.LEADBarCode a COM object?

Thanks for your kind attention to answer these questions,


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#2 Posted : Sunday, January 21, 2007 10:48:40 PM(UTC)

Adnan Ismail  

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1. You must use the two statements.
2. Yes, the same file

3. Yes it can be freed, because the barcode control already has a copy of the image.
When the barcode control finishes, it will automatically free this second copy, so you don't need to worry about it.

4. For LEAD Barcode object, the kernel is always LTKRN14N.DLL. It doesn't matter if you put it on a form or create it by code.

5. The LEAD barcode object is a full ActiveX control.
But ALL ActiveX controls are COM objects, so this means technically, yes it is a COM object.

Please note that the distinction we make between LEAD Main
OCX and related controls (Dynamic group) and between LEAD Raster COM objects
(Static group) does not mean the Main OCX and other controls are not COM. It
only means they are 2 separate groups of objects, and you can use one group or the other.

The design of the Raster COM group is a little more advanced, and they generally contain more features.
Some objects (such as Twain) have 2 different editions, where the Dynamic edition object name has an added _D.

Other objects, such as Barcode, have only one edition, and it can be used with both groups.


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