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#1 Posted : Saturday, December 23, 2006 4:45:35 AM(UTC)


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Hi guys:

Pls, can u teach me how can I create .ZON files for MOR?, and if this reference points can be dynamics?, e:g: Not even the location is the same, in some cases the paper is cutted.





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#2 Posted : Monday, December 25, 2006 12:41:09 AM(UTC)
Maen Hasan

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What is the LEADTOOLS version that you use?
And what is the programming interface (COM, API, .Net, etc.) that you use?

Maen Badwan
LEADTOOLS Technical Support
#3 Posted : Wednesday, December 27, 2006 9:24:27 AM(UTC)


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Thanks for ur reply:

I'm using VFP 6.00 but, if u have VB6 samples, I'll be so happy [:D]

LEADTools v14.5


#4 Posted : Thursday, December 28, 2006 11:20:39 AM(UTC)


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We don't have a demo project to do that, but you can modify the demo in the following folder to add manual OMR zones:
[LEADTOOLS 14.5 location]\examples\COM\VB\OCR

In the file Main1.frm, do the following:
1. Add the following line to Sub Form_Initialize():
LEADRasterView1.AutoRubberBand = True

2. Write the rubber band event handler as follows:
Private Sub LEADRasterView1_RubberBand() 'Manual Zones
   If (Not ShowOCRErrMsg(True)) Then Exit Sub
   Dim zData As New LTZoneData
   LEADRasterView1.ClientToBitmap LEADRasterView1.RubberBandLeft, LEADRasterView1.RubberBandTop
   zData.Left = LEADRasterView1.ConvertX
   zData.Top = LEADRasterView1.ConvertY
   zData.Right = zData.Left + LEADRasterView1.RubberBandWidth
   zData.Bottom = zData.Top + LEADRasterView1.RubberBandHeight
   zData.FillMethod = FM_OMR
   zData.RecognizeModule = RECOGNIZE_MODULE_OMR
   zData.CharacterFilter = CHAR_FILTER_DEFAULT
   zData.Flags = 0
   zData.EnableVerificationEvent = False
   zData.SectionName = "Section1"
   If RasterDoc.AddZone(PageIndex, -1, zData) = 0 Then
      FindZone = True
   End If
End Sub

You can then draw the zones using the mouse, then save them using the Zone => Export Zones... menu item.
Amin Dodin

Senior Support Engineer
LEAD Technologies, Inc.
#5 Posted : Tuesday, April 17, 2007 7:07:19 AM(UTC)


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I want to be able to draw zone and edit them like it's done in the executable OCRUTL32.exe.

How can I do that?
- When you draw a zone, then a message box appears when you can set the zone properties.
- After if you  click on a zone you can edit it or delete it.

Thanks for you help.

I'm using VB6 and leadtools 14.

Best regards

#6 Posted : Thursday, April 19, 2007 12:27:06 AM(UTC)

Qasem Lubani  

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You can create your own custom
ZONE dialog. You can use Amin's code from above and before setting the ZONE
properties your dialog will appear and you actually set the ZONE values using your dialog rather than hard coding them.

As for the second issue, you can handle it in the Mouse Down event by checking if the ZONE area has been clicked.

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