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#1 Posted : Tuesday, November 14, 2006 1:58:52 PM(UTC)


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AxLEADRasterView1 is AxLTRASTERVIEWLib.AxLEADRasterView.

I still try to fix an error. I'm using v14.5, annotation COM object & dotNet classes. I can't duplicate error on my test project. But an error only happens when I've created freehand object and clicked on an object, it's process this line "AxLEADRasterView1.ForceRepaint();" then it throw exception below:

"System.AccessViolationException: Attempted to read or write protected memory. This is often an indication that other memory is corrupt.
   at System.Windows.Forms.UnsafeNativeMethods.CallWindowProc(IntPtr wndProc, IntPtr hWnd, Int32 msg, IntPtr wParam, IntPtr lParam)
   at System.Windows.Forms.NativeWindow.DefWndProc(Message& m)
   at System.Windows.Forms.Control.DefWndProc(Message& m)
   at System.Windows.Forms.Control.WndProc(Message& m)
   at System.Windows.Forms.AxHost.WndProc(Message& m)
   at System.Windows.Forms.Control.ControlNativeWindow.OnMessage(Message& m)
   at System.Windows.Forms.Control.ControlNativeWindow.WndProc(Message& m)
   at System.Windows.Forms.NativeWindow.DebuggableCallback(IntPtr hWnd, Int32 msg, IntPtr wparam, IntPtr lparam)
   at LTRASTERVIEWLib.ILEADRasterView.ForceRepaint()
   at AxLTRASTERVIEWLib.AxLEADRasterView.ForceRepaint()"

I've added code to get last win32 error after it throw exception followings:

int iwin32error = Marshal.GetLastWin32Error();
    throw new Win32Exception(iwin32error);
catch (System.Exception ex32)
    Console.WriteLine("GetLastWin32Error=" + ex32.ToString() + "\n");

I've got error message:
"System.ComponentModel.Win32Exception: Cannot create a file when that file already exists" and error code is 183.

I've run in debug mode and looked through exception ex32 object but I didn't see any file that refers from exception.

Do you have any suggestion what it means exactly? What file could it possible create when ForceRepaint() is calls?

Please help,


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#2 Posted : Wednesday, November 15, 2006 5:27:11 AM(UTC)

Qasem Lubani  

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It won't be easy to guess what's causing the
problem without being able to trace the code. If you create a small test
project that shows the problem (not your full application), please send it to us in a ZIP file or post it here and we will check it for you.

#3 Posted : Wednesday, November 15, 2006 7:33:27 AM(UTC)


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I can't duplicate problem in test project.

1. I just want know what file ForceRepaint() refer to as "Cannot create a file when that file already exists". Or may be it create file using internal only?
2. My project does not create/write any file at that point. I don't know what could possible case that.

#4 Posted : Thursday, November 16, 2006 4:49:18 AM(UTC)

Qasem Lubani  

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ForceRepaint() does not open any files; internally
it invalidates the window client and causes a WM_PAINT Windows API message to
be processed. This means the error is most likely related to other parts of your code or our toolkit.

For example, if I were to create a program, and in
the OnPaint event handler my program has a bug, calling ForceRepaint might cause the bug to be triggered. This doesn't mean ForceRepaint has a bug.

This is why I wrote last time that I need a small project to trace the code.
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