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#1 Posted : Sunday, June 18, 2006 9:20:49 AM(UTC)

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I bought raster image pro...


I have 2 problem..and Questions.


I use Boland C++ builder 6..


1. If I add #include "LEADMain.hpp" in my ActiveX project..

Then I get many Error..


like below.:

[C++ Error] BDE.hpp(4159): E2015 Ambiguity between 'PLongint' and 'System::PLongint'


extern PACKAGE Word __stdcall DbiBatchMove(pBATTblDesc pSrcTblDesc, hDBICur hSrcCur, pBATTblDesc pDstTblDesc, hDBICur hDstCur, eBATMode ebatMode, Word iFldCount, PWORD pSrcFldMap, char * pszIndexName, char * pszIndexTagName, Word iIndexId, char * pszKeyviolName, char * pszProblemsName, char * pszChangedName, PLongint lProbRecs, PLongint lKeyvRecs, PLongint lChangedRecs, BOOL bAbortOnFirstProb, BOOL bAbortOnFirstKeyviol, int &lRecsToMove, BOOL bTransliterate);


[C++ Error] LEADMain.hpp(1973): E2015 Ambiguity between 'PLongint' and 'System::PLongint'

 int __fastcall GetUserLookupTable(PLongint nPointCount);


How can I add activeX project...

If I add it normal application project..then it's OK.




I want to make activeX ..So I have to reduce total size....

How can I reduce it?

I found if I use TLEADImage component, It inclues


and must use


2006-06-19  1,010,151 Leadtools_dll.cab
2006-01-25  262,144 LTDIS14N.dll
2006-02-06  155,648 ltdlgkrn14n.dll
2006-01-30  241,664 ltefx14N.dll
2006-02-02  155,648 ltfil14N.DLL
2006-01-30  1,118,208 ltimg14N.dll
2006-01-26  434,176 ltkrn14N.dll


So, It's huge for me..

I want to use only GIF image saving..and image effect.


Is there no way without dll files? (like static lib... because I want to release other user just 1 ocx file.)



I can get LEADImage from TBitmap using

int nRet = LEADImage1->FromHBitmap((L_HBITMAP)pB->Handle, (L_HPALETTE)pB->Palette);

But, I cannot assign LEADImage bitmap to TBitmap ...(I want to use TBitmap in my special class..)



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#2 Posted : Monday, June 19, 2006 2:06:38 AM(UTC)

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I found the reason for 1st problem but I cannot solve it..

like below.:

[C++ Error] BDE.hpp(4159): E2015 Ambiguity between 'PLongint' and 'System::PLongint'


[C++ Error] DBTables.hpp(1229): E2272 Identifier expected

__property Db::TParams* Params = {read=FParams, write=SetParamsList, stored=false};

Above error is come from NMHTTP component in FastNet control tab...Boland C++6

Please give me the answer about "2nd So I have to reduce total size...." and "LEADImage bitmap to TBitmap "...

Please give the answer....


#3 Posted : Wednesday, June 21, 2006 4:45:44 PM(UTC)


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To load and save GIF files using the LEADTOOLS API, you will need at least the following files:
Using other features (such as displaying the image) requires other files. Like you noticed, using the VCL will require you to use other files also.
What do you mean by "image effect" exactly?

About using static libraries, I'm afraid the toolkit is provided in the form of DLLs only. We don't distribute such static libs.

About converting a LEADTOOLS VCL bitmap to a Borland bitmap, I have the following Delphi code, which I think should also work with C++ Builder:
Image1.Picture.Bitmap.width := LeadImage1.BitmapWidth;
Image1.Picture.Bitmap.Height := LeadImage1.BitmapHeight;
LeadImage1.RenderCenter := False;
LeadImage1.Render(Image1.Picture.Bitmap.canvas.handle, 0, 0, LeadImage1.BitmapWidth, LeadImage1.BitmapHeight);

About creating an ActiveX control, the LEADTOOLS license agreement prohibits selling or distributing an ActiveX or any other development tool that uses LEADTOOLS without a special permission or license from us. Do you intend to distribute your control to your customers?

Amin Dodin

Senior Support Engineer
LEAD Technologies, Inc.
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