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#1 Posted : Thursday, January 24, 2019 4:53:53 PM(UTC)
Anthony Northrup

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Animated GIFs can reduce the size of the file in a number of ways. One key method is limiting the amount of information stored in each frame to only what has changed. This could be providing a small rectangle for a change, or using transparency to overlay the new frame on the previous. Loading in one of these files with our SDK will load precisely what is stored in each frame, even if that's just a small rectangle. The downside to this of course, is when attempting to view a particular frame of the animation, it could rely on combining any number of previous frames together. The RasterImageAnimator is designed specifically to handle this process for you.

Below is a function which will extract each frame of an animation using this class. It also contains a faster method for extracting the pages when animation is not required (such as the pages of a PDF or TIF). I've also attached a complete sample project which demonstrates this function.


static void ExtractFrames(string inputFile, string outputDir)
   // Ensure the output directory exists

   // Load the original image
   using (var codecs = new RasterCodecs())
      codecs.Options.Load.AllPages = true;
      using (var animatedImage = codecs.Load(inputFile))
         // Check if the image isn't animated
         if (animatedImage.AnimationGlobalLoop < -1)
            // Extract each frame/page directly
            for (int page = 1; page <= animatedImage.PageCount; page++)
               animatedImage.Page = page; // Specifies the page to be saved
                  Path.Combine(outputDir, $"{page}.png"),
            // Use a RasterImageAnimator to extract each frame
            // Refer to: https://www.leadtools.com/help/leadtools/v20/dh/l/rasterimageanimator.html

            // Create a target image for drawing the animation onto
            using (RasterImage targetImage = new RasterImage(
                  RasterMemoryFlags.Conventional,           // Create in RAM
                  animatedImage.AnimationGlobalSize.Width,  // Need to allocated enough
                  animatedImage.AnimationGlobalSize.Height, //   space for all image data
                  animatedImage.BitsPerPixel,               // Ensure the image properties
                  animatedImage.Order,                      //   match exactly
               // Ensure the palette matches

               // Only need to loop once for frame extraction
               animatedImage.AnimationGlobalLoop = 1;

               // Remove any delays from the animation
               int page;
               for (page = 1; page <= animatedImage.PageCount; page++)
                  animatedImage.Page = page;
                  animatedImage.AnimationDelay = 0;             // 0ms delay between frames
                  animatedImage.AnimationWaitUserInput = false; // No user input required

               // Perform the frame extraction
               page = 1;
               RasterImageAnimatorState state;
               using (var animator = new RasterImageAnimator(targetImage, animatedImage))
                     // Animate
                     state = animator.Process();

                     // Save out the current frame once rendered
                     if (state == RasterImageAnimatorState.PostRender)
                           Path.Combine(outputDir, $"{page++}.png"),
                  while (state != RasterImageAnimatorState.End);
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