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MedicalViewerPlaneCutLinesCollection<MedicalViewerPlaneCutLine> Class Members


The following tables list the members exposed by MedicalViewerPlaneCutLinesCollection<MedicalViewerPlaneCutLine>.

Public Constructors

Name Description
MedicalViewerPlaneCutLinesCollection<_4d_edical56_iewer50_lane43_ut4c_ine> Initializes a new instance of the MedicalViewerPlaneCutLinesCollection<MedicalViewerPlaneCutLine> class.

Public Methods

Name Description
Add Appends the cut line object to the collection.
Clear Removes all items from the MedicalViewerPlaneCutLinesCollection<MedicalViewerPlaneCutLine>.
Insert Appends the cut line object to the collection using the specified index.
Remove Removes the specified cell.
RemoveAt Removes the plane cut line from the specified index.

Protected Methods

Name Description
OnItemAdded Overrides the Leadtools.RasterCollection.OnItemAdded.
OnItemRemoved Overrides the Leadtools.RasterCollection.OnItemRemoved.
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Leadtools.MedicalViewer Assembly
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