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MedicalViewerCellCollection<MedicalViewerBaseCell> Class


For a list of all members of this type, see MedicalViewerCellCollection<MedicalViewerBaseCell> members

Public Methods

Name Description
Clear Overridden. Removes all items from the MedicalViewerCellCollection<MedicalViewerBaseCell>.
FreezeAll Freezes or un-freezes all of the cells in the MedicalViewer control.
FreezeSelected Freezes or un-freezes the selected cells in the MedicalViewer control.
InvertSelection Inverts (if a cell is selected make it unselected and vice versa) the selection of the cell in the MedicalViewer control.
Remove Removes the specified cell.
RemoveAt Removes the cell from the specified index.
Reposition Repositions the cell by removing it and inserting it into another position in the MedicalViewer control.
SelectAll Selects or un-selects all of the cells in the MedicalViewer control.

Protected Methods

Name Description
OnItemAdded Overrides the Leadtools.RasterCollection.OnItemAdded.
OnItemRemoved Overrides the Leadtools.RasterCollection.OnItemRemoved.
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Leadtools.MedicalViewer Assembly
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