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Leadtools.WinForms Getting Started

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For pointers to sample programs that demonstrate many features, see the table below: 

Assembly – Class/Namespace Comments Demos
Leadtools.Winforms.DLL -
Contains classes for loading/saving image and non-image data to the multiple image file formats supported by LEADTOOLS. \Examples\DotNet\CS\<Any_Demo> \Examples\DotNet\VB\<Any_Demo>
Leadtools.Winforms.DLL -
The RasterImageViewer class is a "PictureBox" class which provides the functionality to display images in a WinForms control. The RasterImageViewer control supports databinding, a fast, easy way to connect to databases. All LEADTOOLS filters have databinding support for loading and saving. \Examples\DotNet\CS\DatabaseDemo
Leadtools.Winforms.DLL -
The RasterPictureBox class provides a simple "PictureBox" Windows.Forms control with which to display images. Unlike the RasterImageViewer, it does not support scrolling or zooming. However, it does support animation with the RasterImageAnimator. \Examples\DotNet\CS\AnimationDemo
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