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Use the LEADTOOLS WinRT libraries to create image-enabled Windows Store applications. WinRT support is included as part of the feature sets of the products in the LEADTOOLS Document and Medical Imaging product families. Using native WinRT binaries for the Win32, x64 and ARM platforms, developers can load, convert and save to and from more than 100 image formats and use more than 200 advanced image processing functions. Its image viewer supports mouse and multi-touch (gesture) input and has interactive modes for panning, zooming, pinch and zoom, and more. Images can be processed and annotated directly from within WinRT applications.

In some cases, the LEADTOOLS WinRT components offer a subset of the features of the LEADTOOLS .NET class library.

Classes, Properties, Methods, and Events that are supported in WinRT are noted in the documentation with the Supported in WinRT icon ( ).

The following LEADTOOLS WinRT components include partial ports of LEADTOOLS .NET class library assemblies:

The following LEADTOOLS WinRT are either new for WinRT or were written specifically for WinRT:

LEADTOOLS WinRT includes support for the following image file format filters:



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