Leadtools.Annotations.Rendering Getting Started

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For pointers to sample programs that demonstrate many features, see the table below:

Assembly, Package or Framework / Namespace Metadata Comments Demo
Leadtools.Annotations.Rendering.DLL -
N/A The AnnObjectRenderer class is the base class for all LEADTOOLS Annotation object renderers. This class, and other classes from the Leadtools.Annotations.Rendering namespace, provide functionality for rendering LEADTOOLS annotation objects. \Examples\WinRT\CS\AnnotationsDemo
Leadtools.Annotations.Rendering.JAR N/A Android package and shared object library for rendering LEADTOOLS annotation objects in the Android environment. \Examples\Android\AnnotationsDemo
N/A iOS / OS X framework for rendering LEADTOOLS annotation objects in the iOS / OS X environment. \Examples\Xcode\iOS\AnnotationsDemo



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