Introduction To The LEADTOOLS Video Streaming Module

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The LEADTOOLS Video Streaming Module is perfect for developers who need to serve videos on demand, offering an unsurpassed multimedia experience while at the same time reducing bandwidth requirements. Some of the many things you can do include:

The LEADTOOLS Video Streaming Module is designed to provide you with all the tools needed to stream multimedia content via the web.

It is also possible to create custom video conferencing applications and utilities. The LEADTOOLS Video Streaming Module can be used to create Client Server applications such as:

The LEADTOOLS Video Streaming Module adds onto the LEADTOOLS Multimedia SDK and includes a fully enabled development license for the following components:

Network filters and objects

Streaming Filters


H.264 support

MPEG-4 support

MCMP/MJPEG support

H263 support

Theora support

VP8 support

AAC support:

AMR support

Multiplexers and Demultiplexers


Obtaining release versions of the Video Streaming Module Components

You can develop and perform testing with the development only editions of the components, codecs and filters contained in this product. In the case of the codecs, a LEAD Encoder, and in the case of the filters and components, a licensing dialog will appear from time to time while the program is running. The development-only editions do not expire but may not be used in a production environment under your license.

In order to deploy the Video Streaming Module specialized components you must complete, sign and return the Deployment License Application form. You can find the form in the LEADTOOLS Licensing Help File under the topic, "Deployment License Application"). You will also need to procure any necessary deployment licenses. You will be provided with unlock instructions to the release versions of any of these filters or codecs which you wish to license after you have signed the appropriate duplication and distribution license. Release editions will not display a licensing dialog box or LEAD text on the video stream. If you have any questions concerning licensing the codecs/filters, you can contact LEAD licensing at



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