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Leadtools.Forms.Ocr Introduction

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LEADTOOLS OCR Class Library provides programming tools for quickly and easily adding document optical character recognition (OCR) technology into software applications. Using the LEADTOOLS OCR Module, programmers can perform character recognition on document images and output recognized text to over 20 file formats.

LEADTOOLS makes OCR development easier with auto-zone detection, manual zone creation, auto-orientation, document image clean up, and the use of preset values for common document images to improve recognition results. The LEADTOOLS OCR Module supports over 100 languages as well as output document options like document margins and paragraph options.

Supported output formats include:

New Features

With Version 16 the Leadtools.Document namespace has been deprecated and replaced by the new Leadtools.Forms.Ocr. It represents a new design, featuring:

In addition, OCR output can be saved as PDF/A.

OCR Engines

The LEADTOOLS OCR class library offers support for multiple OCR engines. Currently, LEADTOOLS ships with the following:

With the LEADTOOLS OCR class library, the internal workings of the various engines are hidden and represented in a uniform  class library. You should be able –if desired- to switch among any of the supported OCR engines without changing your application code or logic.

Standard OCR Engine Options

The following standard options are available in all OCR engines:

Additional OCR engines are in the planning and development stages.

Key Features

Additional Features

Supported Environments
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Leadtools.Forms.Ocr requires an OCR module license and unlock key. For more information, refer to: Imaging Pro/Document/Medical Features