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Leadtools.Dicom.Scp Introduction

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The Leadtools.Dicom.Scp namespace provides several DICOM services which are included in a high-level DICOM SCP (Service Class Provider). The classes allow you to process many DICOM requests sent by DICOM clients including DICOM Store (C-Store), Query/Retrieve (C-Find, C-Move), Modality Work-list C-Find and Modality Performed Procedure Step N-Create and N-Set. You can use the DICOM Services by hosting the DICOM SCP in your own custom Server or by integrating it with the LEADTOOLS PACS Framework Server to provide a fully functional DICOM Server with the features you choose. The services provide an XML scriptable method to control the DICOM information included in query and returned responses.

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Leadtools.Dicom.Scp requires a Medical toolkit license and unlock key. For more information, refer to: LEADTOOLS Toolkit Features