LEADTOOLS Cloud (Leadtools.Services.Cloud.DataContracts assembly)

Leadtools.Services.Cloud.DataContracts Introduction

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The LEADTOOLS Cloud SDK uses WCF services as the main form of communication between all machines (clients, servers, and workers machines) that are part of the Cloud. Using WCF services allows developers to create cloud applications that are platform independent. As a result, clients of any platform can communicate and operate within the same cloud. These web services include web methods for adding, aborting, deleting, and monitoring the status of existing jobs, as well as other cloud related task. For more information, refer to the IJobService interface.

The OCRCloudClientDemo and MultimediaCloudClientDemo both demonstrate how to use and consume these WCF services to both add and retrieve information from the cloud database.

The Leadtools.Services. Cloud.DataContracts namespace contains classes, interfaces, structures, and enumerations for retrieving or submitting information to the cloud, both requests and responses.


For more information, refer to Programming with Leadtools Cloud SDK.


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