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Leadtools.ColorConversion Introduction

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LEADTOOLS Color Conversion functions, included in Raster Imaging Pro, Document, and Medical Imaging products, provide many options to maximize image display quality for any imaging purpose, including medical images, scanned documents or digital photographs. LEADTOOLS can convert images from any color resolution to any other color resolution, from 1-bit to 64-bit, with multiple dithering methods using various palette options. LEADTOOLS will help you provide the correct color depth for whatever hardware your clients use, and enable you to create and manipulate ICC profiles for either software development or hardware manufacturing.

Key Features:

  • Use flexible palette options, including LEAD's fixed palette, an auto-optimized palette, or a user-defined palette.
  • Apply palettes to a single image, or to an entire list of images.
  • Convert, separate, and reconstruct images to and from individual RGB, CMYK, CMY, HSV, and HSL color planes, using LEAD's built-in conversion functions.
  • When working with 12- and 16-bit grayscale images,* use LEADTOOLS' window leveling** to select the desired bit range for display or processing.

* Included only in Document and Medical Imaging products.

** Included only in Medical Imaging products.

Supported Conversions:

Source Color Space Can be converted to Conversion method
RGB Any other color space. Built-in.
BGR Any other color space. Built-in.
CMYK Any other color space. Built-in.
HSV Any other color space. Built-in.
HSL Any other color space. Built-in.
LAB Any other color space. Built-in.
Supported Environments
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