New in V23: LEADTOOLS React Medical Web Viewer

With the recent release of V23, we showcased LEADTOOLS’ innovation by continuing to modernize our technology to align with current standards, enhance functionality, improve performance, and meet evolving user needs. Included in V23 is our new React Medical Web Viewer which gives developers the freedom to integrate individual features of the demo or the entire feature-set within their applications depending on your unique use-cases and needs.

The LEADTOOLS React Medical Web Viewer was built with the developer in mind. Each component is ready to plug-in-and-go into applications and gives you the freedom to use the included LEADTOOLS DICOMWeb Service or any other DICOMWeb Service or Database. The LEADTOOLS React Web Viewer can render 3D volumes using standard and well-known web protocols for unmatched medical 3D display in any modern browser as well as many other features, including:

  • Interactive controls for window level, density removal, offset, scale, zoom, and more
  • Settings and options for customizing the volume appearance including border, rotation cube, resolution, and slicing
  • View DICOM images from your local archive or a remote third-party PACS using vendor-neutral DICOM communication, WADO or DICOMWeb
  • Upload to the DICOM server directly from the viewer control
  • Leverage LEADTOOLS Multi-Resolution and Tiled Image technology to view images up to 1TB with a great UX
  • Client-side caching of DICOM pixel data for fast reloads and network traffic reduction
  • Fast, client-side tools such as window level, series stack, image processing, Hounsfield unit, probe, spy glass, shutter, and Cobb angle
  • DICOM export (with DICOMDIR) in zip with option to anonymize
  • Image annotation, mark up, and redaction
  • Comprehensive Support for DICOM display properties and tags
  • Customizable study and series layout including adjacent cells, any cell location, any cell size, Empty cells, Overlapping cells, symmetric rows, and columns and more!
  • And so much more!
  • React Medical Web Viewer Online Demo

    Be sure to check out our collection of online demos like our React Medical Web Viewer Demo where you can try out all the features mentioned above!

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