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This video showcases how you can use the LEADTOOLS .NET Core libraries to build a cross-platform OCR Application. This sample application loads a sample image such as a TIF, performs OCR on the text, and outputs the recognized words into a PDF document.

For the source code for this project please visit:

High-level view of some features of the LEADTOOLS OCR SDK, including those that set it apart from other OCR SDKs. Thousands of developers rely on the LEADTOOLS OCR SDK to create enterprise-level OCR, forms processing, MICR, and OMR solutions.

[ARCHIVE]: This video highlights the improved features within the LEADTOOLS OCR Engine in Version 18, including Faster Recognition, Zonal and Full Page Recognition, Image Over Text PDF, Tables and Cells, Dithered Text and Underlined Text Recognition.

This tutorial shows off the most commonly used features from our OCR interface.