These video tutorials explore the most important feature sets within the Document product line including OCR, PDF, Forms, and more

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The LEADTOOLS Document Comparison demo provides a specially designed interface that integrates with the document viewer web application allowing you to load two documents and compare in side by side or overlay modes.

The LEADTOOLS Document Composer is a specially designed interface that integrates with the document viewer web application allowing you to interactively create, organize, and export a document from the pages of multiple files.

Subcategory: OCR Videos

High-level view of some features of the LEADTOOLS OCR SDK, including those that set it apart from other OCR SDKs. Thousands of developers rely on the LEADTOOLS OCR SDK to create enterprise-level OCR, forms processing, MICR, and OMR solutions.

In this video, we will highlight the image processing and recognition engines in LEADTOOLS designed to aid software developers in adding advanced Check Processing functionality to their applications.

In this video, we will explain how to use the LEADTOOLS Master Forms Editor demo to create and edit master form templates and categories, add and edit text and OMR fields, and use forms processing to extract the data from filled forms.

The LEADTOOLS HTML5 Web Scanning toolkit is an advanced cross-browser application framework which can control any scanner, digital camera, or TWAIN-enabled device from a web application using any HTML5 compliant browser including Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, and more. It uses a self-hosted web service executable to communicate with the scanner and apply image processing. It also includes a server-side File Upload service which can be customized for advanced processing and workflow steps including File format conversion, SharePoint archival, OCR, Barcode and Forms Recognition.

In this video, we will explore the LEADTOOLS Invoice Recognition and Processing SDK, which was introduced in LEADTOOLS Version 19. To demonstrate, we will examine and modify a master form template with the LEADTOOLS Master Form Editor demo, then recognize and process a filled form and verify the results. Each demo and its source code is included with the LEADTOOLS evaluation.

In this video, we will explore the LEADTOOLS Document Converter and Document Viewer, which were introduced in LEADTOOLS Version 19. This unique framework includes .NET and HTML5/JavaScript development libraries. It is perfect for developing a unified solution for converting, viewing, editing, searching and annotating document and image file formats.

Subcategory: OCR Videos

[ARCHIVE]: This video highlights the improved features within the LEADTOOLS OCR Engine in Version 18, including Faster Recognition, Zonal and Full Page Recognition, Image Over Text PDF, Tables and Cells, Dithered Text and Underlined Text Recognition.

Subcategory: OCR Videos

This tutorial shows off the most commonly used features from our OCR interface.

A detailed walkthrough of LEADTOOLS' Forms Recognition and Processing demos and technology.

This tutorial shows LEADTOOLS PDF features including TIFF to PDF conversion, PDF text extraction, PDF file properties and more.

A detailed walkthrough of LEADTOOLS' HTML5 / JavaScript Image Viewer for creating zero-footprint, cross-platform applications for any desktop, tablet or mobile device.