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#1 Posted : Thursday, November 15, 2007 12:26:06 AM(UTC)

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Please can you help

I am trying to evaluate your software and attempting the following project,

1) Open existing CMYK Tif Image
2) Add a ‘Hello World’ Text across it using 3d effects

3) Save the image

I am successfully loading the image

However I do not have a graphic object to use, in your example from the winform you use a creategraphic object from the ‘Panel’ control

'Dim g As Graphics = _pnlViewer.CreateGraphics()

I am attempting to do this over a web project therefore do not have the option of using that control.

Again in your demo code you set the rectangle object from the panel control, I believe I am setting this correctly using the loaded image instead.

Please can you advise how to create a graphic object and how I would save the _Image once I have added the text to it!



Function PaintSpecialEffects()

If Not _image Is Nothing Then


End If

_image = _codecs.LoadCmykPlanes("c:\verytemp\cmykTest.tif", 8, 1)


'Dim g As Graphics = _pnlViewer.CreateGraphics()

'Dim rc As Rectangle = _pnlViewer.ClientRectangle

Dim g As Graphics

Dim rc As Rectangle

rc.Height = _image.Height

rc.Width = _image.Width

rc.X = 0

rc.Y = 0

Dim ff As FontFamily = New FontFamily("Arial")

Dim f As Font = New Font(ff, 48)

_processor.Draw3dText(g, _textOptions.Text, rc, _textOptions.Style, SpecialEffectsTextAlignmentFlags.HorizontalCenter Or SpecialEffectsTextAlignmentFlags.VerticalCenter, 5, 5, _textOptions.TextColor, _textOptions.BorderColor, Color.White, f, Nothing)

Catch ex As Exception

RaiseEvent RaiseError(ex.Message)

End Try

' g.Dispose()

End Function


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#2 Posted : Thursday, November 15, 2007 7:20:53 AM(UTC)


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I noticed that you also sent an email about this same topic.  In the future, please only inquire about the same issue in one medium of support.  This will help ensure that you will not have multiple people working on the same issue and gives you the best support possible.

What does this code produce on the website?  A blank page, anything?  What are you expecting?  Have you gotten this to work in a winforms project first to make sure you are doing everything right?  If it works, then all you should have to do in the web is change the graphics object.

You can create a Graphics object from a RasterImage if you use the RasterImage.CreateGdiPlusGraphics() function.  If you don't want the panel, this is probably what you'll need to do.

Actually you can use Winforms controls on the web if you create them inside of a UserControl.  Take a look at this forum post regarding the topic:

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