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#1 Posted : Wednesday, March 8, 2017 2:55:24 PM(UTC)


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The LEADTOOLS Imaging SDK has a RasterImageConverter Class in the Leadtools.Drawing.dll that will help convert to and from a GDI and GDI+ Image object into a LEADTOOLS RasterImage object.

The 2 methods that do the converting are the ConvertoToImage and ConvertFromImage methods:

ConvertToImage Method

ConvertFromImage Method

Here is an example of how to Convert from a RasterImage to a GDI+ Image and then back:

using(RasterImage srcImage = codecs.Load(srcFileName))
    // Convert to GDI+ image
    ImageIncompatibleReason reason = RasterImageConverter.TestCompatible(srcImage, true);
    PixelFormat pf = RasterImageConverter.GetNearestPixelFormat(srcImage);
    Console.WriteLine("TestCompatible: {0}", reason);
    Console.WriteLine("GetNearestPixelFormat:{0}", pf);

    if(reason != ImageIncompatibleReason.Compatible)
        RasterImageConverter.MakeCompatible(srcImage, pf, true);

    using(Image destImage1 = RasterImageConverter.ConvertToImage(srcImage, ConvertToImageOptions.None))
        // Save this image to disk
        destImage1.Save(destFileName1, ImageFormat.Bmp);

        // Convert the GDI+ image back to a RasterImage
        using(RasterImage destImage2 = RasterImageConverter.ConvertFromImage(destImage1, ConvertFromImageOptions.None))
            // Save it to disk
            codecs.Save(destImage2, destFileName2, RasterImageFormat.Bmp, 24);

' Load the image
Using srcImage As RasterImage = codecs.Load(srcFileName)
    ' Convert to GDI+ image
    Dim reason As ImageIncompatibleReason = RasterImageConverter.TestCompatible(srcImage, True)
    Dim pf As PixelFormat = RasterImageConverter.GetNearestPixelFormat(srcImage)
    Console.WriteLine("TestCompatible: {0}", reason)
    Console.WriteLine("GetNearestPixelFormat:{0}", pf)

    If reason <> ImageIncompatibleReason.Compatible Then
        RasterImageConverter.MakeCompatible(srcImage, pf, True)
    End If

    Using destImage1 As Image = RasterImageConverter.ConvertToImage(srcImage, ConvertToImageOptions.None)
        ' Save this image to disk
        destImage1.Save(destFileName1, ImageFormat.Bmp)

        ' Convert the GDI+ image back to a RasterImage
        Using destImage2 As RasterImage = RasterImageConverter.ConvertFromImage(destImage1, ConvertFromImageOptions.None)
            ' Save it to disk
            codecs.Save(destImage2, destFileName2, RasterImageFormat.Bmp, 24)
        End Using
    End Using
End Using

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