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#1 Posted : Friday, January 19, 2018 4:00:06 PM(UTC)
Nick Villalobos

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This is a .NET Core project that is referencing the Leadtools.Barcode Nuget and will read the data from the PDF417 barcode that is located on the back of North American driver’s licenses. This is using the AAMVAID Class. Reading this barcode can return twenty-nine properties from the class and you can see those from the link below:

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Final-BarcodeSample.zip (233kb) downloaded 270 time(s).

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Nick Villalobos
Developer Support Engineer
LEAD Technologies, Inc.


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#2 Posted : Thursday, February 13, 2020 3:41:31 PM(UTC)

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The following is a sample PDF417 Reader example project.
Unlike the previous C# example project, this is written in VB.NET and does not use NuGet packages.

Dim inputFilePath As String = "C:\Users\Public\Documents\LEADTOOLS Images\license_sample_rear_aamva.png"

      Using Codecs As RasterCodecs = New RasterCodecs
         Using inputImage As RasterImage = Codecs.Load(inputFilePath)

            Dim engine As BarcodeEngine = New BarcodeEngine()
            Dim data As BarcodeData = engine.Reader.ReadBarcode(inputImage, LeadRect.Empty, BarcodeSymbology.PDF417)

            If (data IsNot Nothing) Then

               Using id As AAMVAID = BarcodeData.ParseAAMVAData(data.GetData, False)

                  If (id IsNot Nothing) Then

                     Console.WriteLine("Issuer Identification Number: " + id.IssuerIdentificationNumber)
                     Console.WriteLine("Jurisdiction: " + id.Jurisdiction.ToString())
                     Console.WriteLine("AAMVA CDS Version: " + id.Version.ToString())
                     Console.WriteLine("Jurisdiction Version: " + id.JurisdictionVersion)
                     Console.WriteLine("Number of Entries: " + id.NumberOfEntries.ToString())

                     Dim firstNameResult As AAMVANameResult = id.FirstName
                     If (firstNameResult IsNot Nothing) Then
                        Console.WriteLine("First Name: " + firstNameResult.Value.ToString()) '+ ", Inferred?: " + firstNameResult.InferredFromFullName)
                     End If

                     Dim lastNameResult As AAMVANameResult = id.LastName
                     If (lastNameResult IsNot Nothing) Then
                        Console.WriteLine("Last Name: " + lastNameResult.Value.ToString()) ' + ", Inferred?: " + lastNameResult.InferredFromFullName)
                     End If

                     Dim addressStreet1 As String = id.AddressStreet1
                     If (addressStreet1 IsNot Nothing) Then
                        Console.WriteLine("Address Street 1: " + addressStreet1)
                     End If

                     Dim addressStreet2 As String = id.AddressStreet2
                     If (addressStreet2 IsNot Nothing) Then
                        Console.WriteLine("Address Street 2: " + addressStreet2)
                     End If

                     Dim addressStateAbbreviation As String = id.AddressStateAbbreviation
                     If (addressStateAbbreviation IsNot Nothing) Then
                        Console.WriteLine("Address State Abbreviation: " + addressStateAbbreviation)
                     End If

                     Dim addressCity As String = id.AddressCity
                     If (addressCity IsNot Nothing) Then
                        Console.WriteLine("Address City: " + addressCity)
                     End If

                     Dim addressPostalCode As String = id.AddressPostalCode
                     If (addressPostalCode IsNot Nothing) Then
                        Console.WriteLine("Address Postal Code: " + addressPostalCode)
                     End If

                     Dim addressRegion As AAMVARegion = id.AddressRegion
                     Console.WriteLine("Address Region: " + addressRegion.ToString())

                     Dim dateOfBirth As String = id.DateOfBirth
                     If (dateOfBirth IsNot Nothing) Then
                        Console.WriteLine("Date of Birth: " + dateOfBirth)
                     End If

                     If (id.Over18Available) Then
                        Console.WriteLine("Over 18?: " + id.Over18.ToString())
                     End If

                     If (id.Over19Available) Then
                        Console.WriteLine("Over 19?: " + id.Over19.ToString())
                     End If

                     If (id.Over21Available) Then
                        Console.WriteLine("Over 21?: " + id.Over21.ToString())
                     End If

                     If (id.ExpirationAvailable) Then
                        Console.WriteLine("Expired?: " + id.Expired.ToString())
                     End If

                     Dim expirationDate As String = id.ExpirationDate
                     If (expirationDate IsNot Nothing) Then
                        Console.WriteLine("Expiration Date: " + expirationDate)
                     End If

                     Dim issueDate As String = id.IssueDate
                     If (issueDate IsNot Nothing) Then
                        Console.WriteLine("Issue Date: " + issueDate)
                     End If

                     Dim idNumber As String = id.Number
                     If (idNumber IsNot Nothing) Then
                        Console.WriteLine("ID Number: " + idNumber)
                     End If

                     Dim eyeColor As AAMVAEyeColor = id.EyeColor
                     Console.WriteLine("Eye Color: " + eyeColor.ToString())

                     Dim hairColor As AAMVAHairColor = id.HairColor
                     Console.WriteLine("Hair Color: " + hairColor.ToString())

                     Dim sex As AAMVASex = id.Sex
                     Console.WriteLine("Sex: " + sex.ToString())

                  End If
               End Using
            End If
         End Using
      End Using

File Attachment(s):
simplePDF417ReaderVB_v20.zip (394kb) downloaded 37 time(s).
Chris Thompson
Developer Support Engineer
LEAD Technologies, Inc.

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