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#1 Posted : Monday, January 11, 2010 3:27:25 AM(UTC)


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I am using LeadTools v16. and the .NET class library.

I am developing a general scanning application. What I like to say with "general" is that the application should work in any PC with any twain scanner.

To avoid showing the "user interface window" of each twain driver, I made a windows form with most of the typical functionality (resolution, paper size, scanning type, etc). Before showing this "general configuration form" I query the supported capabilities to enable or disable some parts of this form. For example: if the scanner does not support "imprinter", the "imprinter configuration" are of the form should be disabled.

 But I am having some problems to implement the printer capability. I am trying the application with a kodak i610 scanner. Its supports next printer capabilities: printer, printerenabled, printerindex and printersuffix.

And I amd using the next code:

                Dim ltCapImprinter As New TwainCapability
                ltCapImprinter.Information.Type = TwainCapabilityType.Printer
                ltCapImprinter.Information.ContainerType = TwainContainerType.OneValue
                ltCapImprinter.OneValueCapability.ItemType = TwainItemType.Int32
                ltCapImprinter.OneValueCapability.Value = TwainCapabilityValue.PrinterImprinterTopBefore
                oSesionTwain.SetCapability(ltCapImprinter, TwainSetCapabilityMode.Set)

                Dim ltCapImprinterEnabled As New TwainCapability
                ltCapImprinterEnabled.Information.Type = TwainCapabilityType.PrinterEnabled
                ltCapImprinterEnabled.Information.ContainerType = TwainContainerType.OneValue
                ltCapImprinterEnabled.OneValueCapability.ItemType = TwainItemType.Int32
                ltCapImprinterEnabled.OneValueCapability.Value = 1
                oSesionTwain.SetCapability(ltCapImprinterEnabled, TwainSetCapabilityMode.Set)

                Dim ltCapImprinterIndex As New TwainCapability
                ltCapImprinterIndex.Information.Type = TwainCapabilityType.PrinterIndex
                ltCapImprinterIndex.Information.ContainerType = TwainContainerType.OneValue
                ltCapImprinterIndex.OneValueCapability.ItemType = TwainItemType.Int32
                ltCapImprinterIndex.OneValueCapability.Value = 22
                oSesionTwain.SetCapability(ltCapImprinterIndex, TwainSetCapabilityMode.Set)

                Dim ltCapImprinterSuffix As New TwainCapability
                ltCapImprinterSuffix.Information.Type = TwainCapabilityType.PrinterSuffix
                ltCapImprinterSuffix.Information.ContainerType = TwainContainerType.OneValue
                ltCapImprinterSuffix.OneValueCapability.ItemType = TwainItemType.Str255
                ltCapImprinterSuffix.OneValueCapability.Value = "PLG"
                oSesionTwain.SetCapability(ltCapImprinterSuffix, TwainSetCapabilityMode.Set)

But whe I do the  oSesionTwain.Acquire(Twain.TwainUserInterfaceFlags.None) documents are not printed.

Could you please help me???

Thanks in advance,

Pablo L.G.


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#2 Posted : Monday, January 11, 2010 7:32:42 AM(UTC)

Adnan Ismail  

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It appears you're using incorrect TwainItemType values for the data types.
For TwainCapabilityType.Printer, you should use TWTY_UINT16, which is TwainItemType.Uint16 in LEADTOOLS .NET.
Similarly, for CAP_PRINTERENABLED, you should use TW_BOOL, not TWTY_UINT32.

Please refer to the Twain specification for details on the capability types.
#3 Posted : Tuesday, January 12, 2010 10:02:02 PM(UTC)


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Thanks Adnan,

That was not exactly the problem. I discovered that our kodaks scanner have some custom capabilities that I should work with to use imprinter.


Pablo L.G.
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