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#1 Posted : Wednesday, March 18, 2009 6:38:11 AM(UTC)


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I am using the following formats saving Image type document in PDF format: FILE_RAS_PDF_JPEG,FILE_RAS_PDF_JPEG_411,FILE_RAS_PDF_JPEG_422,FILE_RAS_PDF.

It looks like for these formats the QFactor range is 1 -100. When I set QFactor to 1 and use FILE_RAS_PDF_JPEG_411 or RAS_PDF_JPEG_422, generated PDF file cannot be opened (error states that the file is damaged and cannot be repared).

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#2 Posted : Wednesday, March 18, 2009 12:24:20 PM(UTC)


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What is the product ID of ePrint that you are using?  You can get this by opening the Workstation, then selecting Help -> About

Are you a developer using the ePrint API or just an end-user?

Does this problem occur when saving a PDF from the regular "LEADTOOLS ePrint 5" printer, the "LEADTOOLS ePrint 5 Workstation" printer or both?

Does this happen with all source files or only some?
#3 Posted : Thursday, March 19, 2009 5:04:38 AM(UTC)


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I am using ePrint 5. Product Id - I am developer using ePrint APIs.

It looks like it is only a problem when I set properties dynamically in the code (I am using C#) and only when QFactor =1. Setting QFactor to 2 works fine. Using Save as dialog to set all the same settings with QFactor =1 also work fine.

This is the code I am using:

epnPrint.StartDocumentConversion(printername, 0);

epnMultiSaveOptions = new LPEPCLib.EpnMultiSaveOptionsClass();
epnMultiSaveOptions.SaveElementsCount = 1;
epnMultiSaveOptions.UseSave = true;
epnMultiSaveOptions.get_PrinterSaveOptions(0).SaveOptions.FileName = filename; epnMultiSaveOptions.get_PrinterSaveOptions(0).SaveOptions.DocumentOptions.MultiPageFile = true;
epnMultiSaveOptions.get_PrinterSaveOptions(0).SaveOptions.DocumentType = LPEPCLib.DocumentTypeConstants.FT_SAVE_TYPE_RASTER;
epnMultiSaveOptions.get_PrinterSaveOptions(0).SaveOptions.RasterOptions.MultiPageFile = true;
epnMultiSaveOptions.get_PrinterSaveOptions(0).SaveOptions.RasterOptions.BitsPerPixel = 24;
epnMultiSaveOptions.get_PrinterSaveOptions(0).SaveOptions.Format = LPEPCLib.ePrintFileConstants.FILE_RAS_PDF_JPEG_411;
epnMultiSaveOptions.get_PrinterSaveOptions(0).SaveOptions.RasterOptions.QFactor = 1;

epnPrint.SetPrinterSaveOptions(printername, epnMultiSaveOptions);

epnPrint.EndDocumentConversion(printername, 0);

Could is be a problem that I am creating new instance of the LPEPCLib.EpnMultiSaveOptionsClass? I tryed to use epnPrint.GetPrinterSaveOptions(), but it does not return the saved settings. SaveElementsCount is always 0.
#4 Posted : Friday, March 20, 2009 7:20:20 AM(UTC)


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According to the documentation in the article "Compression Quality Factors", the range of values for a lossy JPEG compression is 2-255.  0 means that you are using Lossless JPEG compression, which PDF does not support.  1 is not specifically documented, but I believe it is handled the same way as 0.  Therefore, if you want to save the maximum quality JPEG compression, use 2.

The end-user dialog uses the values 1-100 for simplicity's sake since using a percent-like value is more easily understood by end-users. 
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